NEW 15 piece HSS metal drill bit set – made from HSS steel with a titanium nitride coating!


Experienced experts look down now to the price at the bottom of the page and murmur: “What a crazy price!” and put the new HSS metal drill bit set with a click in your basket. Why experts won’t hesitate to take advantage of this offer: HSS materials are renowned for being very tough and wear resistant and the titanium nitride coating makes them very resistant to corrosion. And also, thanks to our pre-order discount, because our new set is available at a very reasonable price – if you order before CW 32!

The double-edged, clockwise-rotating drill bit tip of these two-spiral metal drill bits is made from HSS steel, i.e. ‘high speed steel’, with a titanium nitride coating; it has a maximum hardness grade of 67 HRC and is manufactured with a 135-degree cross-hatch according to the standard DIN 1412C. Regardless of whether alloyed or carbon steel, iron, copper, zinc sheet, gunmetal or bronze – with this 15 piece HSS metal drill bit set you have all the spiral drill bits you need to drill all types of metals and hard plastics or acrylic glass. Best of all: thanks to the straight shank, they can also be used with all standard drills and cordless screw drivers.

This is how it works

The HSS metal drill bit set contains all standard drill sizes in increments from 1.5 to 10 mm diameter – there are even several for sizes up to 2.5 mm. These durable drill bits are ideally suited for working with extremely hard materials and also allow for significantly faster drilling at 118°, than comparable drill bits without a cross-hatch and TiN coating. Drilling and blind hole depths of up to five times the drill diameter are no problem with these professional HSS drills.

The complete set comes in a sturdy plastic case, meaning that it can be safely transported or hung onto a pegboard. Thanks to the tilting bracket the bits are easy to remove from the case. Each bit has its measurement engraved onto the shank, so that even after frequent use it will still be easy to identify.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • The complete set in Trotec brand quality
  • The 15 metal spiral drill bits made from durable HSS steel with special surface protection from the titanium-nitride coating
  • Can be used with any brand of cordless screw drivers or drills
  • The 135 degree drill bit with cross-hatch, made according to the standard DIN 1412C, max. hardness grade 67 HRC

15 piece HSS metal drill bit set – buy now and save 68%!

Take advantage of our current pre-order discount for delivery before CW 32: Order the new 15 piece HSS metal drill bit set today, for just £17.65 instead of £5.64 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!


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