How to Create the Right Climate for Your Prized Orchids

Orchids are among the most popular and widespread flowering plants in the world. Their often tall, slender stalks, their exotic and extravagant form and their delicate petals and magnificent colours inspire and fascinate orchid lovers and growers around the world and fill the hearts of those who share their passion and pleasure with wonder and awe.

Orchids are most commonly found in the tropics of South and Central America and also in Asia. For the Aztecs they were holy, which is why they grew them in their splendid antique gardens, and for Confucius, the wise Chinese thinker and philosopher, they embodied grace, purity, beauty and elegance.

close-up shot of pink orchidBut there are several hardened species which can flourish as far north as the Arctic Circle and as far south as Antarctica. Of the 30,000 or so different species of orchid known to man there is a small number which are deemed especially collectable. Rothschild’s Slipper, an orchid that takes as long as 15 years to grow, can fetch prices upwards of 5000 US dollars per stem.

Most hobby gardeners would not be willing to pay such a considerable price for a single example, but they are prepared to invest quite substantial sums in order to be able to nurture their passion.Because of the fluctuating weather and the extreme cold that can hit the parts of the world we live in, many enthusiasts have greenhouses which protect their prized possessions against sudden prolonged dips in the temperature or the baking heat when the sun beats down from the summer sky. This does not mean, however, that the orchids can be left to their own devices. The temperature has to be checked constantly and so does the relative humidity. If  both are not monitored properly, then the orchids can suffer notably or even wither and die.

That’s why you need a multifunctional device like the BC20 to check the climate conditions in your greenhouse. The BC20 thermohygrometer from Trotec is practically two devices rolled into one. It can measure the temperature in both ° Celsius and Fahrenheit and it can measure the relative humidity before displaying these values in large, easy-to-read digital figures that provide you with all the indoor climate information you need.

And what’s more you don’t need green fingers to be able to use one.

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