HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier – Trotec devices used for its construction


284 metres long, 73 metres wide, 65,000 tonnes of water displacement – the new British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is one of the largest warships ever built in Europe. The ship is currently in its final stage of equipment, as it is scheduled to be delivered to the Royal Navy at the start of 2017. In order to stop the constant threat of corrosion when working on the steel structure, British navy experts place their trust in high-performance machines from Trotec.

It should be pointed out that the corrosion of steel, which threatens the product or even makes it unusable, starts at a relative air humidity of over 50 percent. At this point, the moisture deposits on the cold steel services. If the relative humidity is above 50 percent, the oxidation rate is up to 2000 times higher than it is when the relative air humidity is below 50 percent. For work on HMS Queen Elizabeth’s steel, for example during coating using robots, it is essential that a low air humidity be maintained. Whatever the weather, there should always be a room temperature between 15 and 18 °C and an air humidity below 50%. This is achieved using the high-performance machines from Trotec – the TTR 6600 adsorption dryer and the professional electric heater TEH 100.

Trotec offers the ideal solutions for coordinated drying in all areas of steel processing – including on the new British aircraft carrier.

With these facilities, the British shipbuilders are best equipped for steelwork on the HMS Queen Elizabeth and for the very high dry air demand in a cool environment with low dew points.

  • the TTR 6600 adsorption dryer – best professional “made in Germany“ quality and an original Trotec product – has all the attributes required for dehumidification, especially for protecting machines and steel from corrosion. The unit achieves a nominal dehumidification capacity of around 900 kilograms per day and a nominal air volume of 6,600 cubic metres of dry air per hour with a static pressure of 400 Pa. Comprehensive standard equipment emphasises the excellent price-performance ratio of this dryer: the TTR 6600 has several practice-orientated equipment features and can also be equipped to meet the precise individual needs of the company thanks to numerous equipment options.
  • the professional TEH 100 electric heater – a utility patent-protected, practice-optimised German industrial design from Trotec – conceals a specially developed chassis under the lacquered sheet steel structure, which has been extensively flow-optimised for maximum system effectiveness. Due to the focused hot air flow and the high fan output of max. 1,785 m³/h, even large rooms are heated very quickly within a short space of time. The robust four-stage gearing of the TEH 100 enables a needs-based heat output metering up to the maximum value of 18 kW for any application requirement.

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