Hammer drill – which chisel is used when?

Welcome to our small seminar on the hammer drill and chisel. Today we’ll be looking at the questions concerning which chisel is used when and what the advantages are for individual chisel shapes. To do this, we present you with the most common chisels and their areas of application. So grab your chisel set and follow us! What’s that, you don’t have a chisel set? And no hammer drill whatsoever? Well, in this case we’ll give you a very good, extra tip!

Until recently, the hammer drill has mainly been used by professionals. A branded device such as the PRDS 10-230V  hammer drill from Trotec is extremely cheap and also offers a wide range of applications. For example, the tool allows for problem-free drilling into concrete and other hard materials, as well as robust chiselling work and removing old tiles or creating channels for power lines or water pipes. And a special fitting chisel is available for almost every one of these tasks – we present the most prominent representatives, that you should know about:

Thepointed chisel

The pointed chisel is one of the chisels with the highest isolated striking power. This is because it has a pointed tip that is used to channel the entire striking power of the hammer drill into a small point. It doesn’t matter whether its slightly uneven concrete surfaces or an entire wall that has to be removed, the pointed chisel is always the ideal solution when a great deal of force is required on a small surface.

Theflat chisel

In general, the length of its flat tip corresponds exactly to the diameter of the shaft. With the flat chisel it is possible to have precise control over the breaking action and especially breaking lines. The ideal chisel for chiselling cable channels into the wall, for example, or for partially removing indoor screed.

Thespade chisel

The perfect chisel for removing plaster or other uneven surfaces, such as tile cement and other adhesive substances on the wall. The spade chisel has a wider tip that extends beyond the thickness of the shaft, which is used to transfer the striking power over a larger area on the wall. Perfect for removing plaster from masonry in large pieces over the entire surface, for example.

The tile chisel

Unlike the spade chisel, it is equipped with an even flatter tip. This shape allows the chisel to easily get under the individual tile when removing tiles. What’s more, the offset tip of the tile chisel guarantees less physical effort and more convenient handling of the hammer drill, since it is no longer necessary to hold it at an acute angle to the ground or masonry.

The channel chisel

The ideal tool for creating channels for power lines or water pipes in the wall. As the tip of the channel chisel is arranged in a semicircle shape, the risk of sides of the cable channel breaking apart is massively reduced on the one hand, and the loosened material is removed very easily on the other.

Our extra tip – a suitable hammer drill with a perfect chisel set

Whatever your next project is, as a compact hammer drill in the 5 kg class, the professional hammer drill PRDS 10-230V will give you the extra high power you need with its 5 joules of striking force. Equipped with a robust aluminium gear head and pneumatic hammer system, the device is the perfect solution for demanding continuous operation in renovation, installation, construction and chiselling work.

The chisel hammer PRDS 10-230V is supplied in TÜV-tested quality as a guarantee for high value, safety and functionality, including gear rim drill chuck with SDS plus socket, SDS pointed chisel 14 x 250 mm, SDS flat chisel 14 x 250 mm, three SDS drills 8/10/12 x 150 mm, gear rim key, metal depth stop and transport case.

The11-piece professional chisel set is the optimal kit for all hammer drills and percussion hammers with an SDS plus socket system, such as the PRDS 10-230V from Trotec. Due to its industrial quality of wear-resistant alloyed tool steel, the 9 hammer spiral drills, as well as a flat and pointed chisel, enable fast “hammer-safe” work. All drill and chisel attachments  are made of the high-quality alloyed tool steel 40Cr.

The complete set is supplied in a practical storage box in which all tool attachments can be kept neatly arranged and ready at all times.

Hammer drill and chisel set from Trotec – at an even more fantastic price!

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