Entire removal of odour nuisance

Not only after major incidents like fire damages odour nuisance is a consequential loss. Even after small water damages a mouldy odour can disturb your interior climate and also be harmful for your health. There can be an odour nuisance because of dead gnawers or small birds in openings of your house or flat they couldn’t leave. And also reorganisation measures  – paint, glue and varnish – up to a typically smell of new buildings can cause an odour nuisance which has to be removed very fast.

Plasma field ionizer AirgoPro 8
Plasma field ionizer AirgoPro8

One possibility to get rid of the odour is to change the air in a room regularly. If this method doesn’t work most people try to fight the odour with different flavours. So-called aerosols enclose the odour molecule and it doesn’t „smell“ anymore. But if the substance is used up the odour nuisance comes back.

A known alternative available on the market are odour neutralisers. They don’t enclose the odour with other scenting agents, but they break it down chemically – so the odour is simply gone.

In this case ozone generators or plasma field ionizers are used in practice. Depending on the type of odour one of the applications is chosen in each case to “neutralise” it.

How do odour neutralisers work?

Ozone generator Airozone Supercracker
Ozone generator Airozon Supercracker

Ozone generators subject sucked in air to a so-called corona discharge. That means that atomic oxygen is produced continuously, a free radical which leads to the generation of O3 – ozone. The radicals generated in the appliance accelerate the oxidative degeneration of airborne and stationary germs and contaminants (e.g. in floors, walls, ceilings) and lead to an odour neutralisation. Ozone is very harmful for your health and it is only allowed to use it in closed and sealed rooms and only authorized personnel is allowed to use it. This extremely reactive oxidising agent is almost only used for restructuring after fire damages.

The functioning principle of plasma field ionizers (pfi) [AirgoPro8] is comparable to that of ozone generators with the difference that they require a lower energy input. The air directed through the appliance is subjected to a corona discharge (ionisation). The fission products only formed within the fixed plasma are made of singulett oxygen and its modifications and atomic oxygen as a free radical. Due to the pfi principle oxygen (O2) is split into 2 x O1. The radical O1 tries to react with something immediately and splits the odour molecule. The odour is removed and not enclosed with scenting agents like those used at “Fogging”.

Not like ozone generators pfi appliances can even be operated in occupied rooms.

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