BX11 Energy cost measuring device – seconds at a bargain price

Energy Cost Meter

This offer is a hit – save 60% off the normal price! And the best bit: once you have bought the TÜV-tested BX11 energy cost measuring device you will carry on saving as it will uncover the energy-guzzlers in your home. This makes the BX11 a worthwhile purchase as it is effectively an energy cost measuring device in miniature. But what exactly does “second” mean?

At Trotec, a second, as with the BX11 energy cost measuring device, is a product that is in an absolutely new condition and fully functional so you can use it without limitation. The only difference: during manufacture, small air bubbles formed under the LCD protective film which are now unfortunately visible, although neither the display of the values or their readability are affected by this. This means you can track down the hidden energy wasters in your office or home for a very small price.

How it works

With the BX11 energy cost measuring device, you will be able to tell how much electricity your microwave or television uses and which devices are wasting electricity even in standby mode. To do this, supply insert the BX11 between the plug socket and the device in question and see the current power consumption immediately – either in watts or directly in euros and cents. You can even connect several devices at once using a multiple socket strip. There is no easier or faster way to save!

Bargain alert – get one now and save!

Make the most of our great bargain price: order the BX11 energy cost measuring device today for just €9.95 instead of €24.94 – in the Trotec shop now!

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