Yet another TROTEC waiting game: Special discounts on dehumidifiers!

Three campaigns for special-priced dehumidifiers

This is going to make the alert customer jump for joy: It’s time for the Trotec waiting game again! For where else can you save as much money buying premium brand products right off the shelf? This time the spotlight is on…the dehumidifiers TTK 70 S and TTK 75 S!

Kick-off is October 13th at the stroke of midnight, going on for 40 days as usual. This means that for the very quick among you there’s the chance to get up to 40% early-bird discount on our dehumidifiers TTK 70 S and TTK 75 S. Because the countdown is on: every day that you hesitate, you’ll miss 1% of the discount. Who places his order nice and early therefore saves most. And always keep in mind: This offer is only valid while stocks last! Or, as we say here: It’s the early bird that catches the – er- dehumidifier!

You think this is it? Well, far from it…We’ve got two more special offers in store for you.

Find out more about our 3 custom-made campaigns for bargain-priced dehumidifiers!

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