Did you know that an air purifier can cut company costs?

Air purifier can cut company costs

And even save your company?

Sounds simple. And it is.

With another week – and weekend – of showery weather and blustery winds behind us, even the most optimistic and stout-hearted cohorts will have trouble convincing the rest of their colleagues that summer is not over yet that autumn is not just round the corner, but still a long way off.

Although autumn is officially still a full five weeks off, sneezing fits, raspy coughs and running noses seem to greet you wherever you go – on the bus, on the train, in banks, bistro, shops and public places – and in the office, the production area and the workplace.

Workforce expenditure can make up a significant share of the running costs of a company. And if people are off work and have to stay at home because they are suffering from bad colds, flu or other infections, then this will have a serious effect on the company’s budget, especially if the strain or virus reaches epidemic proportions. No people, no productivity.

Yet although many companies – and many small businesses – know that there is a battle to be fought against high sickness rates and lost work hours, they do not fully realise the implications which a flu epidemic, for example, could have on their standing and their prospective performance in the long-run. As the last flu epidemic showed, some businesses are totally unable to cope with the situation when a large portion of their workforce is taken ill and it is left for a skeleton workforce to carry on making the company tick over and avert the worst from happening.

Far be it from a company like ours to spread fear and uncertainty or sew anxiety and sound like scare mongers, but according to the WHO, the World Health Organisation, and the renowned Robert Koch Institute there are serious grounds for concern that the next outbreak of flu could occur on a pandemic scale – and that it could even be worse than the last. Experts also warn of a new “superbug” that is even resistant to the strongest antibiotics: there have been 44 reported cases of patients who have been diagnosed as having been exposed to NDM-1, the new gene that has its name from New Delhi, the place where it was first identified before subsequently defecting to Pakistan and the UK. A study in The Lancet Infestions Deseases draws attention to the severity of the situation and states that “ a worldwide public health problem is great”.

So how, if at all, can you protect yourself, your loved ones – and your company or business – from such a pandemic?

Hygiene management. It’s that easy.

Steps should be taken immediately to ensure that you and your staff are protected. With work safety clothes and respiratory masks – and air purifiers. The air purifiers from Trotec are equipped with HEPA and HyperHEPA filters which are so effective that they can filter up to 99.97 % of all particles larger than 0.3 microns and more than 99.5 % of even the smallest particles (e.g. viruses).

Models like the splendidly sophisticated but easy-to-use HealthPro 150, the universally versatile HealthPro 250, which scored highly with Germany’s consumer product watchdog “Stiftung Warentest”, not least of all because of its particle retention qualities which made it the most suitable of the tested models for allergy sufferers, and the professional Cleanroom 250 MG which is so efficient that it is certified as being suitable for use in intensive wards, operating theatres, food and medicinal production and processing facilities and data storage and server rooms.

Air purifiers from Trotec can protect you, your staff and your company against risks which could blow out of all proportion and rock or even cripple your company if swift action is not taken. Don’t be caught napping. Make a decision which will bring down the number of man hours lost and cut out the risk of being hit unawares by the next flu epidemic or pandemic.

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