Professional building dryer now with free electric heater

Everybody who’s up to buy a large-capacity dehumidifier on December 12th gets the chance of saving a total of € 69,-! Today’s the day where luck is on your side: purchase a brand-new, high-professional TTK 200 dehumidifier and get a TDS 20 electric heater as a present.

The TTK 200 is more than just a usual dehumidifier: this appliance is a powerful building dryer for real professionals. Due to a dehumidification performance of up to 35 litres per day a TTK 200 can be used after water damages or drying of newly built houses, for example.

And what about the TDS 20 electric heater? Well, you may use this device to heat a site caravan while the building dryer is set up outside and then enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee inside on a cold day at work.

Benefit from another special savings offer now: buy a TTK 200 and get your free TDS 20 …

This offer is valid only on December 12th.

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