Are humidifiers a blessing or a bane?

Humidifier in a desert

There are many people who think that there is only one species to blame for the alarming and mind-boggling weather phenomena, the melting ice caps, the disappearing glaciers and the steadily rising sea levels which we have experienced over the past decades and years. For these people there is only one possible culprit who is responsible for global warming brought on by the build-up of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (from transport, tourism and industry), methane (from factory farming) and CFCs (from spray aerosols) in the earth’s atmosphere, and that is man. Man may have succeeded in landing on the moon and creating genetically engineered life, but at the same time he has also succeeded in polluting the planet and bringing the world as we know it to the brink of an ecological disaster.

And yet there are also those who say that this would all have happened anyway …

The opinions on global warming are divided. There is a broad phalanx of experts and millions above millions of people especially in the so-called civilised western industrialised world who defy the theory that it is mankind who has caused the Earth to heat up by 0.74C degrees over the past century and that despite the almost universal ratification of the Kyoto Protocol (the United States has yet to sign the treaty), which has as its goal the stabilisation of the levels of said greenhouse gases in order to prevent more far-reaching climate changes from occurring, they staunchly say that global warming is all part of a natural geological process and that we should not be attaching so much significance to man’s role on the planet.

And the opinions are equally split on humidifiers.

Many people do not question the value of a humidifier. They appreciate that it is a modern-day means of monitoring and controlling the relative humidity and of creating a healthy indoor climate by filtering dust and other allergens out of the ambient air. Such an appliance does not only have a positive effect on your health, it also enhances your overall sense of well-being.

And then are those who proclaim that humidifiers do not improve the room climate and most certainly do not provide a healthy environment. On the contrary, according to these people humidifiers do in fact contaminate the rooms that they are installed in by spewing fungus spores and germs into the ambient air and considerably heightening the risk of the onset of mould.

So who’s right? And is it this time not man but the machine that is to blame?

As is so often the case in life, it is very important to first set a few facts straight.

The humidifiers which the second group base their assumptions on are standard evaporator models. That means that these units operate according to the evaporation principle, ie. the water in the humidifiers is heated to such a degree that it evaporates, thereby moistening the surrounding air. Sounds effective. And it is. But this system has one major drawback: the high temperatures which are created and which are an integral part of the functioning principle of such models is so high that whenever the moisture in the air comes into contact with the much cooler surfaces in the room where the humidifiers are installed, then condensation starts to form on the surfaces. And condensation spells trouble. Trouble because excess moisture coupled with high room temperatures provide the ideal breeding grounds for different types of mould and bacteria. Mould and bacteria that could not only trigger allergies and seriously – and I do mean seriously – affect your health and cause potentially extensive damage to your property and possessions.

That‘ s why all the humidifiers from Trotec are cold evaporation models.

Cold evaporation humidifiers can avoid such problems and complications from occurring because they operate at far lower temperatures. The water in the units is not heated. Air is blown through a moistened fleece and this moistened air then increases the relative humidity in the room. And because the air that passes through the fleece can only absorb a certain amount of moisture it cannot become oversaturated. This means that there is no risk of condensation and no risk of mildew either. In fact the air feels and smells so fresh and clean, especially since the humidifier filters dust and other airborne pathogens out of the surrounding air, that you will soon start to wonder how you could manage for so long without one.

In addition, the humidifiers from Trotec are all equipped with a hygrostat which allows you to set the humidity to the level which you think suits you best.

So as you see people can be spilt on completely different issues and yet each in their own way can be right. There may be geological reasons for global warming, but man has undisputedly left a massive footprint on our planet. And depending on the type of humidifier you are referring to they can either be a blessing or a bane.

Humidifiers from Trotec – your ideal indoor climate is only the push of a button away!

And if you want to make sure that the water in the tank of your humidifier stays clean and fresh, we recommend using Wasserfrisch: a hygiene agent which is ideal for all Trotec humidifiers because it works effectively against the formation of germs and algae. Not only does it act as a disinfectant, it also increases the surface tension of the water in the tank thereby increasing humidification performance by as much as 30 %!

Trotec. We have the right indoor climate for you.

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