NEW TDS-C series ceramic fan heaters – available again!

Oops – that went really quickly. No, we were not offering hot cakes, but the new “constant companion heaters” of the TDS-C series for tradesmen and workshops instead: ceramic fan heaters in signal red! Super hot! Super cheap! Only recently they were “Sold out!” – but ever since yesterday all of the devices are once again available. If, despite it getting increasingly colder day after day, you and your colleagues would like it to be cosily warm while away on a job, please don’t hesitate too long …

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NEW TDS-C series fan heaters – finally available!

If you’re a tradesman or builder who pulls on an extra thick jumper in the morning and brings along a spare too, you can now lighten your load. As long as you rely on the new TDS-C series fan heaters from Trotec of course. Designed as “constant companion heaters” for trade and construction, they are characterised by all the advantages that can be expected of modern electric heating units suited for everyday use in harsh installation or construction environments.

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NEW TDS P series ceramic fan heaters – heavy-metal style!

Presenting the new TDS P series ceramic fan heaters with a robust heavy-metal design in trendy grey. Thanks to their solidly built metal housing, our new ceramic fan heaters can keep their cool in harsh environments and during rough transportation. But behind this cool exterior lies an innovative ceramic PTC heat register, as well as a pleasantly quiet, but extremely powerful radial fan – this combination heats the air extremely quickly.

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NEW TDS-C series ceramic fan heaters – “heaters that are always at hand” for handicraft and construction.

Autumn is coming – and coming with it are the new TDS-C series heaters. Designed as “heaters that are always at hand” for handicraft and construction, they excel in all the advantages that can be expected of modern electric heaters for rough everyday use in assembly areas or construction sites. Our brand name guarantees this, as the new heaters are 100% Trotec from the development to the design and on to the assembly of the product – including the advanced PTC-ceramic heating elements.

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NEW TFH 20 E and 22 E fan heaters – they’re back!

Enough of being cold – it’s now time to finally thwart those cold days. With one of these compact, high-capacity fans as a heater or as a supplementary heater, living spaces, office spaces, camper vans, hobby rooms or conservatories will be thermally regulated most comfortably. And thanks to its bathroom certification, the TFH 22 E cuts a good figure in wet rooms too. Thwart those cold days at a bargain price – order both these fan heaters and save with our discounts!

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NEW TDS 10 M Ceramic Fan Heater – available for delivery from today!

TDS 10 M

It can generally be assumed that electric heaters are particularly suitable for use in enclosed spaces, because they do not consume oxygen or produce any combustion gases. But the TDS 10 M is one step ahead of all this, because instead of using heating filaments it is built with PTC ceramic. And with no heating filament, no dust can be burnt, meaning none of the fine dust that is so troublesome for allergy sufferers is produced!

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The NEW TDS 30 Electric Fan Heater – perfect for interior spaces

TDS 30

As an Electric Fan Heater the TDS 30 generates its cosy warmth completely condensation-free, i.e. without using any combustion exhaust gases. This is a huge advantage because it means the device can be used for heating virtually anywhere indoors. And in addition to that the electric heater can also be flexibly mounted to a wall or ceiling – shortly, the TDS 30 is the optimum thermal solution for building, for example, containers, boat sheds, workshops and warehouses.

In addition to the floor installation, in order for you to be able to place the TDS 30 anywhere in the room if you wish so, there are also side-mounted fixing threads, which can optionally be used to accommodate the wall and ceiling mounts. Read More