Pure energy for body and soul


Yoga works great against stress and the hustle and bustle of daily life. With special exercises, you bring your body, breathing and soul into harmony. For every yoga session that you do, there are special muscle exercises with which you train your strength, flexibility and balance.

In addition, breathing exercises and deep relaxation are also part of your wellness programme. The best way to supplement these exercises originally from India is by drinking plenty of healthy water. You can do this at home directly from the tap. A SecoSan stick from Trotec optimally enhances your drinking water.

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Your bathroom, your spa


A relaxing bath or revitalising shower at home helps you switch off and leave life’s stresses behind. Enhancing your bathroom with sumptuous accessories and luxurious fittings enables you to enjoy your bathroom even more. By adding contemporary touches you can create a little spa area where you can regularly pamper yourself, within your own four walls. Alongside warm showers and baths, massages and grooming products, this should also include a wellness programme for the soul. Which is why you should always keep a jug of fresh water to hand – made natural, pure and healthy using a Trotec SecoSan Stick.

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Best water, your best running


Especially now in  summer,  it is really tricky: High temperatures dominate and you  achieve little success  when going jogging.  Or perhaps none at all? Amongst other things, this has to do with the fact that you sweat a lot when exercising and loose a huge amount of water doing so. Due to the fact that our blood is made up of more than 80% water and this is lost quickly when sweating, sufficient intake of liquid is an essential part of any training. The power boost before, during and after jogging is provided by fresh, healthy water. So provide your body with water of the best quality – enriched with a SecoSan-Stick from Trotec.

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Pure water – The secret recipe


Are you a soup lover through and through? Do you like to serve up a hot dinner of soup made of crispy vegetables and fresh meat or poultry with aromatic spices?

Then we have a hot tip for you. Each soup becomes a special gourmet delight when prepared with fresh pure water. This is easy to obtain. Scoop the water out from your fresh water depot in the kitchen at any time and add a SecoSan Stick from Trotec to it.

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Water awakens hidden powers

SecoSan FengShui

In the Feng Shui theory of harmony everything revolves around the synergy between wind and water. According to this doctrine of ancient Chinese philosophers, man is aligned with his environment. You can support this well-being, or even increase it, by being aware of water.

Pure, fresh water that strengthens you, body and mind, is on tap. A SecoSan stick from Trotec safeguards the purity of this valuable element for you.

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Energy for the road

SecoSan Water

When you’re out for the day, children quickly lose their enthusiasm for the playground, and for nature, when they get thirsty. With kids, there is hardly a discomfort to match that of a parched mouth and dry throat.

As parents, you always ensure that you have a refreshing drink packed for the road. Above all, any thirst quencher needs to be healthy. Which is why we recommend water in its purest form, prepared with a Trotec SecoSan Stick.

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The best thing for your best friend

SecoSan drinking fountain

A household pet is your best friend. And just as you aim to give it a balanced diet, you also want your cat to live a healthy life. Fresh water every day is part of this. Cats particularly like running water. Because there is a primitive instinct which tells animals that running water is clean. So give your kitty just such a treat every day – with a drinking fountain. The water stays fresh and clean for weeks and months if you add a Trotec SecoSan stick.

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Beware of low cost air conditioners!

Air conditioner

Anyone who enjoys browsing online for bargains will recognise the phenomenon. Air conditioners, allegedly massive bargains, being sold at prices way below the norm. How is it possible? Well, that usually becomes clear when the “new” unit is delivered. For these unusually cheap pieces of equipment are usually behind the times both in terms of their technology and their energy efficiency balance.

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Supplying the body with fluids

"Eating" water

Drink plenty, it keeps the body fit and boosts the metabolism. Experts advise that people should drink at least two litres of water per day. Firstly, this will provide the body with important minerals and nutrients. Secondly, pure water helps to break down and eliminate harmful substances such as metabolic and environmental toxins.

Water stored using a Trotec SecoSan Stick is ideal for this task. You can also increase your body’s fluid intake by consciously eating foods that contain a lot of water.

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Fresh look

Fresh look

The first thing a person does to another person is look at their face. So make sure you are looking fresh and radiant every day. You clean your face regularly with a facial toner, and exfoliators and creams help to refine your complexion.

A tip: Introduce another care aspect to your beauty programme: a morning face massage and a refreshing drink for your skin. Pure water, both applied externally and drunk, makes your skin come to life. You can get the best skin care water quite simply from a SecoSan stick from Trotec.

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