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TTK 100 S loyalty bonus

Get your loyalty bonus to the tune of € 75 on your brand new TTK 100 S dehumidifier regardless whether this is your first order or you’re already a well-known customer of Trotec. We would like to reward you for your loyalty by offering you unbeatable value for money and a superior quality dehumidifier rolled into one.

The new TTK 100 S has been such a hit that we regret to say that we won’t be able to deliver until October 5th. Should you, however, be prepared to accept a waiting time as a token of your loyalty, then we are prepared to grant you a hefty discount of € 75. This is the furthest we can go – this exclusive special offer is valid for a short time only.

What makes the TTK 100 S dehumidifier so special? Find out all you need to know here…

Have you already made up your mind? Then be quick and get your loyalty bonus now…

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