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Dehumidifiers plus thermohygrometer

There are a few fundamental facts of life which you learn at a very early age: eat your greens, they’re good for you (although this is a known fact, it takes some powers of persuasion to convince a four-year-old that you aren’t just trying to trick him into polishing off his Brussels sprouts); don’t cheek your elders (which is obviously meant to teach young children respect although it is another well-known fact that age and wisdom do not always go hand in hand); that burping is bad manners and that you should apologise (whereas back in good ol’ Henry VII’s day it would have been considered a stinging insult if you didn’t belch after a meal) – and that one and one is always two.

Well not in our world it isn’t!

Take the TTK 30 S dehumidifier, for example: the TTK 30 S is a timelessly elegant, compact dehumidifier designed to keep the air in heated cellars, laundry rooms, bathrooms, pantries, walk-in wardrobes and closets dry and free of fluff, lint and other airborne particles. That makes one. And then there’s the BZ05 indoor thermo hygrometer, a rather impressive, and equally elegant monitoring device that not only measures the CO2 concentration in the ambient air and warns you when the levels are too high but also provides you with information on the relative humidity and the room temperature while seconding as a stylish alarm clock. That makes two. Or so you would think!

Instead of adding one and one together and paying for two, you can now buy two premium products for less than the price of one!

Sounds a little odd? It is! Both articles together would normally cost €201.05; but now they’re yours for a staggering €99!

And while you’re still finding that hard to believe, here’s another super special offer guaranteed to make your head spin and your heart sing! When you buy a TTK 75 S dehumidifier (was €255.95, now only €129.00!) together with an indoor thermo hygrometer worth €23.74, you save not once but twice because both items together cost only €139.00! And on the subject of numbers: you could kill two birds with one stone by getting yourself any one of five bargain-priced dehumidifiers and make a massive saving on an indoor thermo hygrometer which would grace any desk or tabletop and provide you with the perfect gift! After all, only 91 days to go to Christmas!

This is only the beginning! There’s more to come! If you would like to see which other amazing sales offers and combo packages we have, just visit our online shop.

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