Trotec tips to beat the heat – the big summer series 1/30

Isn’t it great when each day is warmer than the one before? But for some people, enthusiasm for the upcoming midsummer is already starting to cool off a bit. With good reason, since heat is an extreme burden on organisms: If the outside temperature is close the body temperature, there is an increased danger of a circulatory collapse. In order to reduce this risk as much as possible, we have developed the ‘Trotec tips to beat the heat’ series – so that you can get through the summer while keeping cool!

As we know, organisms can only regulate themselves thermally by sweating, in order to keep their core body temperature to a healthy degree. Of course this applies above all in the case of severe heat. However, this natural cooling mechanism will gradually slow down, for example because the ambient air is already so saturated with moisture that it can only absorb a little extra humidity, meaning that the body can no longer quickly conduct away the resulting heat. This leads to so-called heat stress – with potential severe health consequences such as overheating or heatstroke.

The ‘Trotec tips to beat the heat’ will help you to keep a cool head, even on the hottest of days. In our new series we present you with all of our mobile air conditioner units, air coolers or fans – and for every individual requirement you will find the right cooling solution in our comprehensive range. From units that for instance emphasise the fresh compact design, to units for the perfect climate atmosphere for businesses or the home; from the small USB fan to be carried around for a cool breeze to the large stand fan. Get excited: By extraordinary design and highly effective cooling solutions.

Trotec – always one cool tip ahead

Along with the cooling ‘hardware’ of Trotec, you can also expect a whole range of other cool tips in our series, with the help of which you can always put your body temperature back on track: Do you happen to know what ‘ice slippers’ are and how they work? Or why you should not take cold showers when it is hot? Both are easy to explain: If you want a freshness effect for your feet, put your insoles in the fridge overnight and insert these ‘ice slippers’ into your shoes the following day: As you walk the soles give off a cooling effect. And a cold shower is not a good idea because this causes the pores in the skin to contract, meaning that after cooling off you sweat even more than before. So it’s better if you just take a lukewarm shower.

Wise words of advice like these and cool recommendations regarding our refreshing cooling products – you should not go without either. It’s best to regularly take a look at our new ‘Trotec tips to beat the heat’ series. Get excited – we look forward to seeing you!

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