Special package price: B 200 eco humidifier + free Ionic Silver Stick

B 200 eco humidifier incl. free Ionic Silver Stick 10Are you looking for an appliance which humidifies a room reliable while being affordable? A humidifier just to suit your needs? Then listen up! The solution is called B 200 eco. A humidifier equipped with cutting-edge technology for a favourable price. And here’s the kicker: you get an extra Ionic Silver Stick 10 – for free!

The B 200 eco humidifier is designed for the use in rooms up to approx. 600 m². The device has an air flow rate of 500 m³/h at a low power consumption of only 0.15 kW. It has an evaporation rate of approx. 43,2 l/24h and the humidifier has a water tank of 19 litres. The B 200 eco can be disassembled very easy without the help of any tools. So the device can be cleaned problem-free and due to a actival coal system dust and odours are filtered out of the air.

The Ionic Silver Stick 10 is a stand-alone water purifier. It purifies the water from germs, algae and more than 650 types of viruses and bacteria.

You shouldn’t miss that chance on such a great deal. Buy a B 200 eco humidifier and benefit from high-performance appliance and guaranteed high-quality parts of the Trotec-assortment.

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