Pool dehumidifiers DS 30 and DS 60 – keep swimming pools and wet rooms free of corrosion!

Due to the high levels of humidity in swimming pools and wet rooms, corrosion and mould formation are almost inevitably their regular visitors. But dehumidifying even a small swimming pool with just fans is virtually impossible. This is because cold air absorbs only a small amount of moisture, but destroys the valuable energy that previously had to be used for heating. So a professional solution is needed here, with a combination of the pool dehumidifiers DS 30 and DS 60 and original Trotec production!

Effective dehumidification is an essential requirement for private swimming pools, whirlpool and wellness facilities since the humidity here rises to a very high level due to the large amount of water evaporation. The unavoidable corrosion and mould formation resulting from this will inevitably cause serious problems for the building structure and for the well-being of the users. Therefore, you should trust the two swimming pool dehumidifiers DS 30 and DS 60 from Trotec to dry out your wet rooms: both provide effective regulation of air humidity in smaller and larger private swimming pools.

The DS 30 is designed for pool sizes up to 25 m² and the DS 60 ensures an optimal air humidity for pool areas of up to 50 m². Both dehumidifiers operate completely automatically and have been specially developed for effective dehumidifying applications in wet rooms, which is why they are also excellently suited for keeping whirlpool and wellness environments and fitness rooms dry.

The benefits for you at a glance – the pool dehumidifiers DS 30 / DS 60

  • were specially developed for use in wet rooms with particularly reactive air environments.
  • are encased in easy-to-clean, glass-fibre reinforced plastic housings which provide secure protection against corrosion. The evaporators and condensers used specifically in these models are reinforced with extra polyester-coated surfaces which provide further protection against corrosion.
  • operate completely automatically and control their powerful and smooth-running radial fans via a continuously adjustable hygrostat. Despite their particularly smooth running, the devices extract large amounts of moisture from the room air with their reliably high circulating air rates.
  • convert the energy absorbed during the dehumidification process directly into heat and use this to heat the room.
  • are optionally supplied with a condensate pump and a PWW heat register and for rear panel installation. This means that the two pool dehumidifiers, which are easy to install as wall-mounted devices, can be optimally adapted to your individual needs.

Pool dehumidifiers DS 30 / DS 60 – keep away corrosion and mould!

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