NEW SeekTech SR-24 cable detector – includes GPS and Bluetooth

cable detector

The new SeekTech SR-24 route detector is not new insofar as it still enables power supply company engineers to quickly and accurately detect subterranean or hidden supply cables. But what is new about the SR-24, which is otherwise based on the familiar, reliable SR-20 platform, is the integrated GPS and the Bluetooth® technology. And the best thing of all is that we are offering the new SeekTech SR-24 at the same price as its predecessor.

Like its predecessor, the new SeekTech SR-24 was specifically designed to search for, and accurately locate, water and gas pipes, telecoms and power cables, and other live or metal supply cables. But it has also been fitted with an integrated GPS and with Bluetooth, so it provides a real time flow of data to Bluetooth-capable devices, including smartphones, tablets and precision GPS devices.

The SR-24 also delivers precise positioning and routing data for subterranean supply lines in a very clear and uncomplicated way, in real time, to the very clear display. This is made possible by the innovative antenna technology and the user-friendly cartographic data display.

How it works

With the system’s 3D antennae, your employees can follow inductive and passive cabling from any position or direction, no matter what their location is. Even when a confined space holds a large number of subterranean cables, they can use multiple active and advanced passive search modes to very clearly distinguish the target cable from neighbouring cables. Your engineers can use the continuous depth and power display, and the acoustic distance signal to verify whether they are still above the target cable.

The intuitive, clear, cartographic display with direction arrows, signal strengths and proximity signal enables your employees to reliably verify the search result. The sensor-controlled automatic background lighting always provides a top quality display, even in poor light conditions. And with its extremely light weight and effective power management, even longer measurement operations can be carried out effectively without fatigue and in one session.

Four of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • The innovative 3D antenna technology
  • The real time cartographic data
  • The integrated GPS system
  • The integrated Bluetooth® technology

SeekTech SR-24 – our top entry-level option for pros

So why not order the SeekTech SR-24 for just 3,199.00 € plus VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

And we also have something for bargain hunters! The last few examples of the predecessor model, the SeekTech SR-20 are now available at the discount price of just £ 2,057.07 incl. VAT.

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