NEW HyStream 3400 hot air gun – heat without end is finally here!


Finally available – from this moment on handymen and professional craftsmen can obtain the new HyStream 3400 hot air gun from Trotec. This device works true wonders in the hands of an experienced user: From shrinking to bending and from soldering to igniting – you can even take on the task of changing tiles with this new hot air gun. Read about the hot performance characteristics that the HyStream 3400 has and for what types of work it can be optimally used.

The performance data speaks for itself – and for the HyStream 3400 hot air gun: with a maximum output of 3400 Watts, it blows out up to 230 l/m air and does so at an air pressure of up to 3,000 Pa. The maximum reachable temperature is 650 °C. The control of temperature and the air volume is fully variable and fully electronic. Another advantage: the brushless high-performance motor boasts an exceptional longevity with an operating life of around 5,000 hours. The highly efficient ceramic heating element has a lifespan of around 800 hours and can be changed easily.

HyStream 3400 uses for handy work and renovating

With the new hot air gun, you can, for example, heat plastics, make them more flexible and easier to work with and also:

  • connect pipes and tubes by shrinking them
  • use bitumen for roof repairs with much greater ease
  • dissolve paints, activate glues and shorten drying processes
  • loosen varnishes, wallpapers and glue residues
  • bend plastics and copper
  • stain wood and warm up bitumen
  • solder roof gutters
  • dry and harden a broad range of materials

HyStream 3400 uses for electronics and recycling

Use the HyStream 3400 for all sorts of jobs with electronics:

  • solder and desolder cables
  • strip and shrink cables
  • and desolder electric parts from defect circuit boards by using a reduction nozzle, clamping the circuit board in a vice and heating the solder joints up to around 280 °C. You can then remove the part with pliers.
  • While doing this, work carefully and always use the correct attachments

HyStream 3400 Uses for the car

When using car window films and foil application on cars, the hot air gun allows for easier handling, because it

  • guarantees excellent adhesion to the base surface during application
  • softens the adhesive layer during removal so that the film can be easily removed

HyStream 3400 Uses for tiling

Use the HyStream 3400 in combination with the TilexPro System from Trotec to remove individual tiles or valuable old décor without damage by

  • adjusting the system chamber of the TilexPro to the size of the tile to be removed, positioning it and warming it up with the hot air gun
  • then remove the tile from the underfloor without damaging it and when the renovation works are complete, replace it

You can find out more about the innovative TilexPro System from Trotec here.

The new Trotec HyStream 3400 hot air gun – on offer now

Universally applicable – order the new HyStream 3400 hot air gun – instead of £291.37, now for just £207.08 incl. VAT. – available now in our Trotec shop!


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