NEW 2.0 Ah additional battery for PSCS 10-16V – with 33% longer battery life!

Good news for discerning users of Trotec’s battery-powered PSCS 10-16V cordless drill: the new additional battery with 2.0 Ah has arrived! With 33% longer battery life compared to a standard 1.5 Ah battery. So you can use your cordless drill for even longer! Best of all: you can have a fully-charged spare battery to hand at all times. Because of course the new 2.0 Ah additional battery is also part of the Trotec premium brand battery family – with high energy density and charging voltage right to the end.

The new 2.0 Ah additional battery is the perfect addition for any user who requires more versatility from their PSCS 10-16V battery-powered cordless drill. With this new battery, you will be even better prepared to start your next project – and it will also last 33% longer than a standard 1.5 Ah battery. The following is a sample calculation for a battery-powered tool requiring 0.2 A of electricity per hour:

  • Running time with a 1.5 Ah battery: 1.5 Ah / 0.2 A = 7.5 hours
  • Running time with a 2.0 Ah battery: 2.0 Ah / 0.2 A = 10 hours

Full of energy for your project – thanks to lithium-ion batteries from Trotec

Thanks to lithium-ion technology the new 2.0 Ah additional battery doesn’t suffer from either memory effect or self-draining. With our lithium-ion batteries, we guarantee to provide you with high-quality premium brand NMC batteries, with high energy density and charging voltage right to the end – be sure to take advantage of these benefits:

  • in contrast to traditional lithium-ion batteries, there is absolutely no decrease in performance in our premium brand batteries, even as the battery power drains.
  • while you work, the charge level will decrease, but performance will stay the same.
  • you will benefit from continual maximum power, even when the battery is almost completely empty.
  • premium brand batteries can be fully charged within an hour using a quick-charging device.

Additional battery 2.0 Ah – now at an unbeatably low price

Order the 2.0 Ah additional battery today at our current price of only £28.41 incl. VAT. Or order the battery-powered PSCS 10-16V drill, with additional battery included, for a total of £56.87 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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