Fresh air for all creatures great and small

High-performance fan

Only healthy, happy animals keep agricultural production ticking over. This applies to meat, poultry, milk and eggs. But, by nature, the air to be found in stalls is very humid. And the warm, damp environment causes a high bacterial load in the air, and heat build-ups in the summer. You can only prevent animals suffering from respiratory problems and heat stress if you ventilate their environment in a professional manner. So businesses should do more than simply have sufficient stall openings. Complementary technology helps the air to flow in a healthy way. So many professionals turn to Trotec’s TTV series radial fans. For these high-performance fans reliably churn the air in even very large stalls.

Fresh air for all creatures great and small

Many parameters in the stall need to be right, particularly the air values. Because the animal can only deliver peak performance if its environment is just about free of any noxious gases. Germs, ammonia and CO2 are some of the hazards lurking in a stall. In the case of cattle, this applies to both stanchion barns and barns where they are free to roam. But for egg farming, pig fattening and poultry production operations, too, excretion, feeding, water supplies and litter naturally mean that the environment in the stall is critical. This is particularly true in the summer, therefore – ventilate, ventilate, ventilate. Noxious gases need to be removed reliably and the humid air needs to be replaced by oxygenated, fresh breezes. For the more humid the air, the more able germs are to spread and to cause the animals considerable harm. Apart from a reduced production, there is also a risk of the animals suffering from respiratory diseases, stressed behaviours and heat build-ups, resulting in worse quality products.
This is why many agricultural businesses install ceiling fans or ventilation systems. But in case they are not precisely aligned or if there is some fault, the animal’s situation deteriorates enormously.

Fresh air at the touch of a button

As the air exchange required is extremely dependent on the temperature outside and the air humidity, you should always be flexible. Because, when animals, in particular in a stanchion barn, are subject to draughts which are too strong, there can be disastrous consequences for them. Make use of one of Trotec’s mobile TTV series radial fans. These enable you, firstly, to set the unit’s position to provide the precise air exchange required, as circumstances demand. And, secondly, you can adjust the unit’s air speed and power so that it ideally suits the size of the stall.  Hence, at the touch of a button, the powerful fan ensures that germ-laden, dusty, stale air is rapidly replaced by oxygenated air.  Another benefit: The flow of air drives uninvited guests such as birds and insects out of the stalls.

Robust and reliable

Many possible applications instead of many machines –  that is the motto for the TTV high-performance fans. An example: the TTV 7000 high-performance fan is the most powerful unit in the range. This model is on your side when you have to churn high volumes of air in large stalls and agricultural halls. The unit can output 7000 cubic metres of air per hour and has a throw distance of 65 metres! If necessary, it can be fitted with the appropriate hose adapter and multiple attached air hoses so that it can transport large volumes of air over large distances in big stalls.

Durable, robust and reliable –  the characteristics of Trotec’s radial fans. They are easy to transport and can be positioned precisely and started wherever they are required. Prepare for the summer and for humid, warm temperatures in the stalls – to the benefit of creatures great and small and your production!

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