ASB 3500 inrush current limiter – protects machines and power tools!

Renovation professionals know it well: Powerful electrical appliances such as wet and dry vacuum cleaners, pressure washers or disc machines and polishing machines have barely been turned on when the fuse blows. The consequence is interruption of work and failure of other system components that are supplied by the same power circuit. But it doesn’t have to be this way – thanks to the ASB 3500 inrush current limiter, your appliances won’t blow a fuse and neither will you …

When renovating old buildings, this often means “back to square one” – here in particular, time and time again, when the required working tools are switched on, the inrush current level exceeds the 10A fuse trigger point. Bothersome consequence: The fuse blows and the starting procedure must be started from the beginning. With the ASB 3500 inrush current limiter, you avoid these power failures and wasting of valuable work time.

How it works

Just insert the ASB 3500 inrush current limiter as a ballast between the mains and consumer – and subsequently the device reduces the high inrush current which previously would have caused the fuse to blow. Instead, the ballast ensures a smooth start-up of the connected machine, while protecting its bearings and gears and thus extending the service life due to the low mechanical wear.

After the switch-on process is completed, the ballast operates without power loss. Furthermore, it can also be used in a wet environment due to its robust and splash-proof plastic housing. The ASB 3500 is a useful aid for all craftsmen, renovators or equipment hirers and can be used universally for all normal consumer electronics up to 3.5 kW, for example condense dryers, insulation drying units, air conditioning and heating units, fans, angle grinders, hammer drills, hand-held circular saws, etc.

ASB 3500 inrush current limiter – the professional solution for professionals

Order the ASB 3500 inrush current limiter today at our current offer price, for just £132.30 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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