Christening for the largest ship in the world, and TKL provided the heating!


“Pioneering Spirit” – is the name the world’s largest working ship was christened with at the end of February in the Prinses Alexiahaven in Rotterdam. TKL was at the party as a service provider on board: we were there to make sure not only the guests’ hearts were warmed at the ceremony.

The overall cost of Pioneering Spirit for construction and final outfitting is estimated to be around 3 billion US dollars. It was clear that against the backdrop of this sum, no expense was spared at the launch ceremony. The party was held in a huge tent on the ship’s deck. To keep the tent at a comfortable temperature for the numerous guests, we relied on the trusted Trotec TEH 400 high-performance electric heating units. These devices were specially designed for mobile use in large-scale heating situations and they used this opportunity to show what they can do with their 120 kW heat output. Right at the entrance to the tent, we ensured the guests received a warm welcome with a so-called “air curtain”. Even during the “drive through” of guests from the dock to the ship, we fired up the heat – and drew the developing smoke away through a 40 metre air hose using our TFV 900 radial fan.

Pioneering spirit is simply a giant: the ship is 382 metres long, almost 124 metres wide and occupies around 400,000 gross register tonnes. The ship’s main intended use is the installation and removal of the upper components of oil platforms for the offshore industry in the North Sea. Driven by almost 130,000 HP, the ship possesses a unique lifting capacity in the industry of 48,000 tonnes. On top of that, Pioneering Spirit will be used for laying pipelines – the ship can store up to 27,000 tonnes on board!

We at TKL wish Pioneering Spirit a good journey – and enough water under the keel of its 27-metre long draught!
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