Guide for “Best garage climate” – combating the chaos of odours


Many vehicle owners inhale deeply as they enter their garages. Because within the four walls where they keep their new and classic cars, their chrome jewels, it smells like motorsport, work, passion and maintenance. Sound familiar to you? But what is a revelation of smells in the eyes of many can quickly turn into a disturbance. The sense of smell is overstimulated, and inhaling fumes, of petrol for example, is harmful in the long run. Extensive ventilation is often not enough to bring order to the chaos of odours in a garage. You should therefore turn to an effective, powerful technology that can actively support you in eliminating the cocktail of odours from fuel, carburettors, oil and leather. This is where the new ThinC! climate management comes into play. This means high-quality technology, integrated into the modern DH-VPR+ models from Trotec. These are the DH dehumidifiers of the value protection range! The stylish assistants with integrated ionisers put an end to the chaos of odours while simultaneously ensuring an optimal garage climate.

It only takes a few drops of petrol falling on the floor, a can of polish being opened or the engine of a vehicle being started in the garage. And already a mixture of smells is forming that makes a car enthusiast’s heart beat a little faster. Others, however, find the chaos of odours to be a nuisance – above all because in garages, where new and classic cars are kept, many other fumes and smells accrue: the smell of treated leather, oil and carburettors. Since a garage must remain closed most of the time, the advice to powerfully aerate it frequently is not particularly useful. Or would you like to keep the doors open for ventilation for hours on end each time you start up your classic car? Since even opening the garage door often does not provide effective air circulation, experts recommend high-quality technology to swiftly conquer the chaos of odours in the garage.

Effective neutralisation of odours

The garage is where you park your chrome jewels, your new and classic cars, which you faithfully maintain and take on trips with utmost driving pleasure. After a trip, you wouldn’t want to deposit your vehicle in a cloud of fumes, exhaust and odours. And you also wouldn’t want to breathe in the hazy mixture of smells for a long time, while maintaining or just looking at your prized possession. You’ve earned a clean and fresh environment, you and your vehicle both. Trotec is therefore now offering an additional special series. The newest models of the DH-VPR+ generation, with their integrated industrial ionisers, ensure rapid neutralisation of odours in your garage. But that’s not all the high-quality devices can do. They are efficient climate managers that leave nothing to be desired, technologically or aesthetically. Benefit from a garage climate perfectly adjusted by dehumidification technology combined with a precise filter technology! Benefit from the new DH-VPR+ models with intelligent ThinC! climate technology. No more disturbing odours, humidity, air pollutants or dust in your garage. Thus the four walls become a place of well-being for valuable vehicles and ambitious car enthusiasts.

The benefits of the DH-VPR+ with ThinC! climate management

  • One of a kind: active climate management with 4-in-1 protection function against moisture, odours, air pollutants and dust
  • Professional “Made in Germany” quality – originally produced by Trotec
  • Specially designed for preserving the value of expensive exhibits, objects and possessions
  • Perfect dehumidification performance even at low temperatures above 0°C
  • Two-component filter for dust and soot – specifically in garages
  • Air filter for dust and air cleaning of pollen and allergens
  • High-quality industrial ioniser for effective odour neutralisation
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Hygrostatically controlled automatic operation
  • Efficient hot gas defrosting system
  • Integrated condensate pump
  • Available in any colour or material upon request

Neutralisation of odours and optimal upkeep through dehumidification: simply order online

Combats disturbing odours, damaging moisture, air pollutants and dust: The effective DH dehumidifier from the VPR+-series is available in a variety of designs – depending on your requirements and specifications. The DH 15 VPR+ air dehumidifier with a maximum dehumidification performance of around 22 litres a day is available from £2,860.75 in the Trotec online shop. The DH 30 VPR+ air dehumidifier with a maximum dehumidification capacity of approximately 52 litres per day is already available in the Trotec online shop for £3,709.96. You will also find the offer for the DH 60 VPR+ air dehumidifier (104 litres a day) for £4,771.46 in our online shop. Take a look!

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