You don’t need a dehumidifier – or do you?

Dehumidifier next to easy chair in front of bookcase in elegant roomDehumidifiers don’t necessarily come top of many people’s shopping lists. Why should they? There are probably dozens of more desirable things that you would sooner spend your money on and there are scores of far more urgent purchases which you or your family think you should make.

Or are there?

Perhaps you first need to know what a dehumidifier can do and what affect it can have on your indoor climate in order to understand why you and every home or office should have one.

A dehumidifier is more than just an electrical appliance. It can transform the climate of your home, workplace or office – almost instantly. This may seem like a mild exaggeration, but you would be surprised to see just how much moisture a dehumidifier like the TTK 30 S can extract from the air in your room, bathroom, cellar, walk-in wardrobe, basement or holiday home in the short space of only 24 hours. A bucketful. That’s right – up to 10 litres of water in only one day. It is this excess moisture that lingers in the air which can not only damage your possessions and property, it can seriously affect your feeling of well-being and even your health.

Yes, your health. And what more precious a commodity is there than that? So buying one might appear to be a little more urgent than you had previously thought. And what about desirability? Well, dehumidifiers do come in all shapes and sizes and there are some pretty undesirable-looking models out there. But not so the TTK 30 S. The TTK 30 S is an ultra-slim, ultra-chic compact dehumidifier designed specifically to monitor and control the climate in small, heated rooms up to approximately 12 m² as well as other small spaces.

Yet although the TTK 30 S may be extremely compact this does not automatically mean that it is not equipped with all the necessary functions and features which typically separate the outstanding models from the not-so-outstanding ones. Functions which include an auto shut-off feature which prevents the moisture that has been collected in the unit’s container from spilling over, a warning lamp that shows you when the container is full and needs to be emptied, a built-in air filter which effectively cleans the air that you are breathing by removing dust, pet dander, pollen and other airborne pollutants from the room air making it especially interesting for allergy sufferers or an outlet at the bottom of the unit to which you can attach a common-or-garden hose so that the water can be drained off if you are planning on using your dehumidifier over a longer period.

But perhaps we have as yet still failed to convince you why the TTK 30 S is quite simply a must for every household.

Health and safety advisors and experts in the field of air conditioning  recommend that the relative humidity in your house or home should be somewhere between 40 and 60 %. Any drier and the air needs to be humidified, otherwise you could easily end up with irritated, itchy skin, a dry, sore throat and an aggravated cough. Any moister and you could quickly end up with a whole host of different problems.

You cannot simply ignore high humidity levels. They can cause wood to warp and furniture to twist and split, metal to rust and struts and supports to buckle and they can also cause mould to spread and unpleasant musty smells to develop. And mould is not just unsightly, it can trigger allergic reactions and literally ruin your health.

So if you have still not succeeded in convincing you that such a spectacularly effective, competitively-priced dehumidifier like the TTK 30 S should be top of your shopping list, then we probably never will. Unless, of course, it is because it is one of the other dehumidifiers in our extensive range that you are looking for.

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