Used building dryers, beneficial accessories and real nice prices

When drying out a building it is essential to choose the right appliance and to also use compatible accessories. There are suitable building dryers for nearly every room size or requirement. No matter whether a water damage occurred, a new building has to be dried out or rooms need to be kept dry – if you look hard enough you’ll find just that dehumidifier to fit your requirements.

It may take a while until you find the desired dehumidifier and a price you are willing to pay. But wouldn’t you like to skip the search and save time which you could better spend with your family or more pleasant things like that?

Well, maybe there is actually a building dryer which not only meets a wide range of different requirements, but also bribes through a nice price and expedient accessories.

Have a look at the TTK 200 building dryer and see impressive technical data, lots of features and accessories the appliance has to offer. Even the used models, which have been tested and repaired by our technicians, prove themselves as very reliable and very powerful. They are as good as new and come with full warranty!

But you better see for yourself:

The TTK 200 building dryer.

Used TTK 200 building dryer in a package of two.

Used TTK 200 building dryer with accessories.

Used TTK 200 building dryer with accessories in a package of two.

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