TTK 50 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

Welcome back – the TTK 50 E dehumidifier, after a short pause in delivery owing to the high demand, is finally back! And once again it has all of its tried and tested equipment included that has made it into an extremely popular dehumidifier. This also includes the pleasingly timeless look, which allows the device to be integrated into any room’s interior design, the very simple handling of the dehumidifier and, last but not least, the unbeatable price.

The successful reduction of the look to what is essential is also continued in the device’s technology: The TTK 50 E has just a few, clearly organised and easy-to-understand controls, meaning that with this drying device you don’t have to spend hours studying the instruction manual first. Set it up, switch it on, set the dehumidifying capacity, and done. Once in operation, the dehumidifier does exactly what it is supposed to, and does it extremely well – it keeps medium-sized rooms with an area of up to about 30 m² reliably dry with a daily dehumidifying capacity of up to 16 litres.

The benefits at a glance – the TTK 50 E dehumidifier

  • is equipped with a long-lasting and quiet rotary compressor, which allows you to use the device in rooms that are used everyday.
  • can be operated by the user either in hygrostat-controlled automatic mode or in continuous operation mode.
  • is even designed for unsupervised continuous operation. Thanks to the integrated drainage connection, the condensed water is drained immediately via a tube. This means that reliable continuous dehumidification operation is also guaranteed in unmonitored basement rooms or holiday homes.
  • is also suitable for allergy sufferers. The easily accessible, reusable air filter is easy to clean, filters animal hair, fluff, lint and dust, and prevents bacteria growth.
  • has all the convenient features of its class, such as a fill level notification and overflow protection with automatic switch-off.
  • can be conveniently moved to a new location thanks its compact dimensions, low weight and the castor wheels.

TTK 50 E dehumidifier – the strikingly discreet solution that fits everywhere!                                                        

Order the TTK 50 E dehumidifier today at our current sale price,reduced from £217.71 to just £111.16 incl. VAT. – in the Trotec shop now!

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