Trust Trotec to come up with yet another Super Special Offer!

super special offer on dehumidifier TTK 140 S

If there’s one thing that experience has taught us here at TROTEC, it’s that autumn holds a whole host of new challenges in store for many of our clients: the wet, stormy weather, the endless downpours, heavy, driving rain and the accompanying freak flash floods and high water stretch them and their abilities to the limit. And you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who would admit to actually liking being constantly caught in heavy showers or hailstorms only to be greeted by a damp climate when they finally arrive home sopping wet and frozen through.

Which is why our dehumidifiers are in such big demand at this time of the year. The dehumidifiers from Trotec are ideal when it comes to providing immediate aid after water damage, to help dry pumped out cellars, to combat high levels of moisture in production sites or storerooms and warehouses or to quite simply regulate the relative humidity in your home. It doesn’t matter where you put them – the slim, sophisticated dehumidifiers cut a fine figure whatever the application, wherever they are.

So to make sure that you are well prepared we have prepared a super campaign that will help you through the wet weather!

The TTK 140 S is an extremely versatile, high-quality, power-packing dehumidifier which you can now buy at a sensational knock-down price. And because we don’t believe in special offers which create the impression that you are saving by buying a low-priced electrical or domestic appliance whereas in fact you are compromising on service and quality, what you get at TROTEC is the real deal – a truly efficient and reliable mobile dehumidifier at a truly attractive price.

Interested in the TTK 140 S? Come and visit our shop to save up to 50% on new products and get used models at cut-price!

Don’t let the rain sodden season dampen your spirits. Bring down moisture levels to where you want them and create your own individual indoor climate wherever you are.

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