Trotec Beginner’s Guide ‘Infrared Thermometer”: How to measure the temperature of liquids

All conventional infrared thermometers from Trotec are usually able to measure the temperature of liquids. No matter whether it’s the temperature in your own pool – isn’t that much too cold? – or the bath water for babies and small children – isn’t that much too hot? . Of course, the temperature test can also refer to baby food in bottles. And not forgetting hot and dangerous liquids like grease, oil and acids in the kitchen or workshop.

Infrared thermometers measure the surface temperature of objects. The measuring object is aimed at using a laser pointer, a sensor measuring the thermal radiation given off. That means digital infrared thermometers can also measure the temperature of liquids without any problem – and especially without contact. This represents a major plus point of these innovative measuring devices when it comes to measuring the temperature of hazardous liquids. The present article will tell you what you need to be aware of when applying this method, what liquids can be measured well and what infrared thermometers are suitable.

Using pyrometers for liquids

  • Infrared thermometers are very suitable for measuring the water temperature No matter whether the water in a swimming pool or the bath water for babies and small children, a laser thermometer like the BP15 from Trotec lets you test the temperature in next to no time.
  • The temperature is often important when preparing drinks, food and meals. A typical application for infrared thermometers involves testing the temperature of baby food and feeding bottles. Here too, you need to stir well before measurement if you are to measure the correct temperature.
  • Whoever needs to work with especially hot or cold materials in the workshop or as part of a hobby would be well advised to buy an infrared thermometer. This is because the measuring instruments come into their own when hot and hazardous liquids such as grease, oil and acids are to be measured without contact from a safe distance.

How to avoid measuring errors when using pyrometers

The infrared measuring method entails potential measuring errors, that you should avoid if you wish to determine the precise temperature of a liquid.

  • Infrared thermometers can only measure the surface temperature of liquids. Before use, you should stir the bath water well for small children so as to determine the correct water temperature.
  • Water vapour, dust and dirt can adversely affect the measuring results. The measuring devices should therefore be cleaned regularly for a precise result.
  • Pay attention to the appropriate measuring distance as the measuring range also increases when measuring the temperature from a large distance.
  • Whoever has a thermometer with adjustable emissivity can set the emissivity of water (0.93) in their device. However, the standard value of most devices is 0.95, this usually sufficient.

Professional infrared thermometers from Trotec

All conventional infrared thermometers from Trotec are able to measure the temperature of liquids – as for example the BP15, a measuring instrument that is just as precise as it is affordable.

  • The BP15 pyrometer is ideally suitable for checking the temperature of liquids, baby food or other foods. Measure the surface temperature of the desired product – the quick and reliable way without contact. The measuring range lies between -30°C and 260°C with an accuracy of ±2 °C. A connectable optical target laser can be used to easily determine the measuring spot centre point.

Instead of £32.62 the BP15 is currently available for just £18.61

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