Trotec adviser “Infrared thermometer”: The “Mini-Format” – small, handy and fast

The infrared thermometer in mini format like the RP05 by Trotec is a particularly compact version of the popular digital temperature meter. With this ‘Mini’, you can measure the surface temperature of the desired spot quickly, reliably and without contact. But its great advantage lies in its size – it fits in every trouser pocket and diaper bag. This makes it an absolute indispensable tool for checking the correct temperature of baby food while travelling.

Mini-formats like the RP05 work with the same functional principle as large infrared thermometers. They use an infrared sensor to contactlessly measure the surface temperature of objects. Thus, the RP05 is not only used on the go to check the correct temperature of baby food, but is ideal in a workshop, for hobbies and handicraft due to its ability to fit into any pocket with its small size and a weight of only 33 grams.

By the way, the “small” ones usually don´t have a laser pointer like the “large” ones. The pointer is not necessary with these devices, because the smallest possible distance to the measurement object should be used with a lens of 1:1 anyway. Because such an optical ratio means that at a measuring distance of 10 cm, the measuring spot has a diameter of 10 cm as well. This means for correct measurement results you should measure as close as possible: approx. 1 – 2 cm in front of the object you want to measure.

Practical advantages at a glance

  • Convenient size for pants pocket or diaper bag
  • Can be used on the go anywhere
  • Very fast contactless temperature measurement
  • Ideal application in kitchen, household and workshop

Professional infrared thermometers RP05 by Trotec

This high-quality infrared thermometer RP05 measures surface temperatures in a range from -35 °C to +230 °C without any contact.

  • The user-friendly hand-held instrument is ready for use just a few seconds after switching on.
  • In addition to the Hold function, the RP05 pyrometer has an automatic switch-off function, which ensures that no unnecessary energy of the batteries is wasted.
  • The device is suitable for both indoor and outdoor measurements.

You can currently purchase the RP05 for £13.78 instead of £18.40, including VAT in the Trotec-Shop!

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