Amazing Bonus Discounts on the Brand New TTK 30 SP and the TTK 70 S

The Wheel of Fortune savings campaign40% off! As you are used to from Trotec there’s yet another amazing dazzling discounts campaign waiting in the wings. All you have to do is spin the Wheel of Fortune. Just try a few times and be prepared to get a discount of up to 40% off the regular price of a TTK 30 SP or a TTK 70 S. Try your luck and make a bumper savings right now!

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Limited Edition! The TTK 30 SP is the latest appliance of the premium TTK S Series. Coming as a limited edition this offer is valid only while stocks last. So be quick off the mark and get your appliance right now!

Designed for steady action this dehumidifier dehumidifies heated rooms of up to 12 m². So the TTK 30 SP is suited best for the use at home or in offices. But even a heated cellar can be dehumidified by this small high-quality dehumidifier without any troubles. And what about the technical data? Well, let’s have a look:

The TTK 30 SP provides steady actionThe TKK 30 SP dehumidifier got…

  • a maximum dehumidification performance of 12 litres in 24 hours
  • an air flow rate of 100 m³/h
  • an electronic automatic defrosting mode
  • a maximum power input of 0.21 kW
  • a room air filter
  • a twin condensed water discharge system
  • a spillover protection

TTK 30 SP – the P stands for Permanent!
Please keep in mind that this device doesn’t have a timer function as well as a hygrostat to ensure the continuous operation it has been designed for.

Go here if you like to see more practical advantages of the TTK 30 SP dehumidifier.

The famous TTK 70 S dehumidifierThe TTK 70 S is back again! After a while the wait is over now. The TTK 70 S power dehumidifier is available again – and this dehumidifier still rocks! Offered since summer 2009 the TTK 70 S has become a real bestseller. Convincing with a maximum dehumidification performance of 20 litres in 24 hours this dehumidifier found its way into a lot of living rooms, offices and holiday homes.

But you better see for yourself! Go here for further information on the TTK 70 S dehumidifier.

You can also have an overview of the powerful dehumidifiers of the TTK S Series.

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