Save money on heating by finding the right humidity levels

Comfort diagram

When it comes to saving energy and heating costs, people can become really creative. Some of them only heat those rooms which they use most. Others get one of those fancy dog draught excluders, or they close all shutters to improve the insulation of their windows. And because for every degree you turn down your heating you save a good 6 % off your next energy bill, they wear a second sweater or a third pair of socks. That is certainly one way of dealing with the problem…

But what most people tend to forget: The apparent air temperature strongly depends on the humidity levels in the room you are in!

This phenomenon can easily be illustrated when you think of the summer holidays. Have you ever been to the tropics? Exactly – the high humidity levels in such areas make the heat almost unbearable. However, when you are in the desert, temperatures seem far more moderate, although they are usually a lot higher.

How you can use this information to save on heating costs at home?

It’s quite simple really: Just make sure that the relative humidity in your home lies somewhere between the recommended limits. The comfort diagram according to Leysen and Treymark shows the combination of indoor temperature and relative humidity that is ideal to feel comfortable in your home. Whereas you need to turn up the thermostat to 20°C when the relative humidity is 40% in order to feel really comfortable, you only need to set it to 18°C when the humidity is 60% for it to feel warm and cosy.

A thermohygrometer soon pays off when it comes to ensuring that the climate in the rooms you work and live in is within the ideal limits. The Indoor Thermohygrometer BZ05 from Trotec indicates both temperature and humidity on a large, easy to read display, along with the comfort indicator that lets you know at a glance whether the indoor climate is within the perfect comfort zone.

And what happens when the humidity levels are not ideal? Well, then you know who you can turn to find a first-class humidifier or a dehumidifier at very fair prices. Don’t you?

Trotec. Taking care of your indoor climate.

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