Preparing for summer: Keeping your apartment cool and comfortable

The recent days of May have already surprised us with temperatures nearing 30 degrees, leaving many searching for ways to cool down. Sitting on the sofa in the living room? Too warm. The bedroom has turned into a heat trap, making restful sleep only possible in the early morning hours. Opening windows doesn’t always suffice to keep the apartment cool. To best prepare for the upcoming, potentially scorching summer, we’ve compiled four useful tips to effectively mitigate the heat in your apartment.

Keeping your apartment cool and comfortable – 4 effective tips

Tip 1: Proper ventilation at the right time

To keep the apartment cool during the day, it’s advisable to let in the cool air in the morning. Open the windows completely right after waking up, ideally creating a cross breeze with windows on the opposite side of the house. This allows fresh, cool air to enter and lowers humidity levels. If the outside temperature is lower than indoors, you can leave a window in the bedroom slightly open overnight (observing safety precautions!).

Tip 2: Keep windows closed and utilize shutters, curtains, or blinds

During the day, keep windows closed and draw shutters, curtains, or blinds. Light-colored blinds or curtains reflect sunlight, preventing your rooms from heating up. This is particularly important in the bedroom for ensuring a good night’s sleep despite the heat.

Tip 3: Set up a fan to generate airflow

Fans consume little power and can effectively contribute to cooling when properly positioned. Position the fan to promote air circulation in the room, allowing the generated airflow to move the air mass.

Tip 4: Use an air conditioning unit

Although there are many creative methods to cool the apartment, a portable air conditioning unit remains the most effective solution. Keep in mind that the air conditioning unit must expel warm air outside through a hose; otherwise, you’ve essentially purchased an expensive heater. Offering quality, performance, comfort, and appealing design at a fair price, Trotec provides tailored climate comfort for every need. Unlike fixed air conditioning systems, portable units are flexible and quickly ready for use. Moreover, they are easy to install and immediately operational, allowing you to quickly and easily create a comfortable indoor climate.

Bring summer comfort home!

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