NEW Portable Circular Saw PCSS 10 1200 – in trusty Trotec brand quality

High-powered, no-nonsense, easy to handle – the new PCSS 10‑1200 portable circular saw is our top low-budget recommendation for meeting high demands. This powerful machine, fitted with a high-quality pendulum guard, makes quick and effortless work of precise sawing tasks with wood materials. Cutting depth and inclination angle can be easily adjusted without tools, and all standard circular saw blades can be used. That’s proven Trotec quality!

The classically constructed portable circular saw with pendulum guard gets straight into gear thanks to its powerful 1,200 watt motor. The consistent high blade speed of the PCSS 10-1200 also allows you to work quickly, even under pressure. With a perfectly positioned centre of gravity, the compact portable circular saw is ergonomically optimised for continuous professional use and provides a comfortable and secure grip even for longer tasks. The additional front handle allows you to operate the saw securely and precisely with two hands, making light work of sawing jobs, even those requiring precise cutting of wood materials.

How it works

Cutting depth and angle can be continuously adjusted without the use of additional tools – cutting depths of up to 55 mm and angles of up to 45 degrees are possible. In the base plate, recessed notches for the 0 and 45 degree positions show you the exact cutting lines and facilitate exact sawing along the mark by illustrating the saw cut width. For a perfect longitudinal cut, you can use the parallel guide provided.

Safety is our first priority for a professional saw like the PCSS 10‑1200. A safety switch therefore prevents inadvertent activation and the high-quality aluminium pendulum safety guard with retracting lever offers extra user protection. The saw is also fitted with a sturdy splitting wedge that prevents the saw blade from getting stuck in the workpiece, increasing the safety of use even more.

The PCSS 10-1200 is compatible with all commercially available circular saw blades with a maximum diameter of 160 mm – offering you a wide range of applications for all kinds of materials. Changing the saw blade is easy and safe. A pre-installed hard metal saw blade is included in the delivery contents, as well as the required assembly wrench, so that you can get started immediately.

A practical detail for indoor work – integrated connectivity for a suitable vacuum cleaner allows you to keep things tidy with external dust extraction. The adaptor necessary for this is included with delivery!

Four of the many advantages which I particularly like:

  • powerful Trotec brand portable circular saw in TÜV-tested quality
  • high-performance 1,200 watt engine
  • high-quality aluminium pendulum guard
  • adjustment of cutting depth and inclination angle without tools

Portable Circular Saw PCSS 10-1200 – affordable brand quality from Trotec!

Order the PCSS 10-1200 Portable Circular Saw today at our current offer price, reduced from £55.49 to only £32.36 incl. VAT. – in the Trotec shop now!

Your PCSS 10-1200 portable circular saw – TÜV-tested to guarantee high quality, safety and functionality – will be delivered ready for use, and including a saw blade in hard metal design with 24 teeth, a parallel guide, an internal hexagonal wrench, a saw blade wrench and a connection adaptor for external dust extraction.

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