NEW Dehumidifier TTK 95 E – the ideal drying solution for large spaces


Impressive expertise has a name: The Dehumidifier TTK 95 E. Its superior dehumidification capacity of up to 30 litres daily. Competent in its technical features with a hygrostat-controlled automatic dehumidification system including the pre-set target in 5 % increments. Because the TTK 95 E has all the functions that set apart a modern dehumidifier and its price is also reduced by another 57 % with our pre-order discount, today is the time to get one!

With our new dehumidifier TTK 95 E, you will have one less thing to worry about in future when it comes to keeping your large living and work spaces dry. The unit reliably keeps rooms up to 90 m² dry and while doing so daily condenses up to 30 litres of humidity from the air in the room. In order to save energy when doing this, the comfortable, hygrostat-controlled dehumidification system switches off the compressor once the desired humidity value is reached – and back on if the humidity exceeds the value again. You simply choose the desired humidity value with the pre-set target between 30 and 90 % relative humidity in 5 % increments – the TTK 95 E does the rest fully automatically.

This is how it works

Even if the hygrostat-controlled automatic dehumidification system switches off the compressor, the fan continues running and the display also remains active on the digital display screen. This allows you to control the current status of the relative humidity at any time. Using two blower settings, the swing function for even air distribution and the adjustable blow out direction, the air circulation can be optimally adjusted to any type of room. The timer function, a laundry-drying function, a warning light for when the water tank is full and the overfill protection with automatic shut down round off the comfort equipment of the TTK 95 E.
What’s more the integrated, washable air filter allows the air also to be cleaned by extracting dust or animal hairs and the connection for the external condensate drain means that the unit can be left unsupervised, for example in your holiday home. With its rollers and the practical, retractable handle, the TTK 95 E is perfectly ready for a flexible change of location.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • The hygrostat-controlled automatic dehumidification
  • The pre-selection of a target level of between 30 and 90 % relative humidity in 5 % increments
  • the filling level warning light for when the water tank is full
  • overfill protection with auto shut down function

TTK 95 E dehumidifier – Superior. Competent. Good value.

Take advantage of our current pre-order discount for delivery in CW 34: Order the TTK 95 E dehumidifier today, reduced from £298.11 to just £125.81 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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