NEW BE47 Multi-Meter: robust multifunction measuring device with seven measuring functions – finally available

The new BE47 Multi-Meter perfectly meets the criteria of a Trotec measuring device: It offers you a wide range of flexible applications thanks to its seven measuring functions. You can work longer without fatigue because of its ergonomically optimised design. And in so far as its excellent price-performance ratio plays a role when it comes to choosing the right device – and where doesn’t it? – purchasing one practically makes it the preferred choice. The new multimeter is available at last …

Multimeters like the BE47 are almost indispensable testing instruments for the tool rack of most electronics enthusiasts and do-it-yourselfers. Because of its unbeatable price-performance ratio, the purchase of multimeter represents an exciting addition for the DIY enthusiast. This is because the new multi-functional measuring device is rated for CAT II 600 V / CAT III 300 V measuring circuit category standards and boasts a total of seven measuring functions, including a diode and battery test, an acoustic continuity test as well as a battery status display.

How it works

The ergonomic design of our new BE47 multimeter makes it noticeably easier to use. A rubberised protective holster, which can be removed for cleaning, effectively protects the measuring device from damage in harsh construction-site environments.

The collapsible base also integrated into the rubber holster makes it even easier to handle and is the perfect addition to the hands-on features of this multifunctional device.

Four of many advantages I particularly like:

  • the robust multi-function measuring device with rubberised protective holster
  • the CAT III 600 V measuring circuit category
  • the diode test
  • the battery test (9 V, 1.5 V)

BE47 Multi-Meter – brand quality from Trotec

So, place an order today for the BE47 Multi-Meter at our current offer of just £13.67 including VAT instead of £18.23 – now in the Trotec shop!

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