NEW BD5A cross line laser – laser precision renders the spirit level unnecessary

This is how craftsmen and avid handymen work today: instead of laboriously fumbling around with a spirit level and pen, the new BD5A cross line laser comes into the picture, and bam – the device projects a 100% straight and right-angled laser cross on the opposite wall. The BD5A is about as big as a Rubik’s Cube and equally portable.

The new BD5A cross line laser from Trotec projects perfect right-angled laser guides on the wall. A few examples of what can be accomplished using the laser device: Align pictures parallel at perfect right angles and hang pictures tilted but parallel, for example, to a stair landing, create adjacent boreholes on a perfectly straight line, and install tiles in a precise grid – the BD5A enables all this and much more, and with incredibly easy handling!

How it works

Immediately after being switched on, the bright BD5A cross line laser is ready to operate in seconds, levels itself automatically and then projects perfectly aligned laser lines with an impressive precision of just ±0.8 mm/m (at 0°). In the process, the levelling mode of the BD5A thereby automatically compensates unevenness of the background of up to 4°. If self-levelling is not possible due to greater unevenness, the laser gives off a warning in the form of a red flashing LED on the device and a pulsating laser cross on the projection surface.

If necessary, at the push of a button, the two bright lines of the laser cross can be separately switched on and levelled as an individual horizontal or vertical line. The successful design with flatly structured sides enables level placement of the BD5A directly on measuring and working walls.

And by the way, only the BD5A offers an included multi-functional combination bracket with universal clamps and a suction cup. This allows damage-free mounting on nearly all objects or backgrounds, because you can attach the device effortlessly and securely on locations where a clamp alone does not offer support or cannot be mounted – for example on panes, mirrors or other smooth backgrounds. In addition, the housing of the BD5A is equipped with a ¼-inch thread on the bottom for attaching to standard tripods.

Four of the numerous advantages that I particularly like:

  • the projection of bright laser lines from a distance of up to 10 m
  • the self-levelling laser – always aligned straight automatically
  • the laser projection can be selected as cross lines or as horizontal or vertical individual lines
  • the high precision of just ± 0.8 mm/m (at 0°)

BD5A cross line laser – professional laser precision from Trotec

Order the new BD5A cross line laser today at our current offer price, reduced from £45.76 to just £27.44 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec-shop!

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