NEW air conditioning unit PAC 3200 E A+ – energy-efficient room cooling at its finest!


Great! Those longed-for warm spring days. Soon followed by the first warm summer days, and oops – then the hot, then the extremely hot days where the sun is boiling hot and the air is very sticky and muggy. Whoever wants to keep a cool head here should now be convinced by the many benefits of our new energy-saving air conditioning unit PAC 3200 E A+. And thanks to our early booking discount, save around £40 – provided you order before delivery in calendar week 16!

Our PAC 3200 E A + already bears the A+ energy efficiency class in its name. The plus (+) for you: An energy saving of 20 % in comparison to similar air conditioning units with energy class A – with a simultaneous higher cooling performance to keep rooms of up to 42 m² at a comfortable room temperature. This provides a pleasant coolness and in addition to that a cool electricity bill without a large additional fee, even in the hottest of summer months! In addition, the PAC 3200 E A + timer function provides you with an additional saving potential as it allows a time-controlled activation and deactivation of the air conditioning unit.

This is how it works

Due to its powerful cooling function and moreover thanks to its fully automatic dehumidifying and ventilation function, the PAC 3200 E A+ creates an ideal and comfortable atmosphere. You are able to conveniently control numerous functions of the air conditioning unit with the infra-red remote control, such as the operating mode, the room temperature, the timer and sleep feature, as well as the air flow direction of the three-step adjustable fans. Alternatively, it is of course possible to operate the device with a touch keypad that is mounted on top.
The PAC 3200 E A + is ready for use after only a few simple steps. If necessary, you can easily remove and clean the pre-mounted air filter. Moisture is either collected as condensate in a collecting tank or fed away permanently using a condensate drain that can be optionally connected. The air conditioning unit is characterised by high mobility, excellent flexibility of use and a compact, space-saving design. The smooth-running castors that rotate 360 degrees and the ergonomic recessed handle grips make the unit highly manoeuvrable and allow easy transition to other locations for use. Highly practical: After the cooling season, a storage compartment for the connection cable makes the storage of the unit easier.

Four out of the many advantages, that I particularly like:

  • the low operating costs thanks to the A + energy efficiency class
  • the dehumidifying and ventilation function
  • the powerful 3.2kW cooling performance
  • the timer function as an additional energy-saving option

The new air conditioning unit PAC 3200 E A+: Stay cool. Save cool.

Enjoy the benefits of our current early booking discount up until delivery in calendar week 16: Order the air conditioning PAC 3200 E A+ today for £462.90 incl. VAT instead of £504.96 . – in the Trotec shop now!

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