Hell and High Water Down Under

fighting the flooding with trotec dehumidifiers and building dryers

Every year bookmakers up and down the country have a field day with people eager to put their money on the odds of us having a White Christmas. But last year was different. Instead of looking forward to soft, thick snowflakes floating down lazily from the sky most of us were looking forward to one thing only. Less snow.

Last year we were treated to more than our fair share of the heavenly white stuff. But now that the subzero temperatures which turned the snow to ice and the roads to skating rinks have risen the big thaw has started to set in. And as if to make matters worse persistent rain has swollen the rivers and led to unusually high water levels for this time of the year. And that means a high risk of flooding.

We at the Trotec Group have been in the business long enough to know exactly just how bad the consequences of flooding can be. The impact of knowing that your cellar or even the ground floor of your house is submerged or partly under water can hit a man hard and drive him and his family to despair. That’s why we as a company with a professional water damage restoration division are glad that we are able to bring order to the chaos and help out with powerful building dryers and reliable dehumidifiers.

But imagine what it would be like if the situation were even worse?

And in Queensland, Australia it is. What the people of the northeast state are experiencing at the moment is devastating and defies all imagination. Heavy rainfall and high water have led to large-scale flooding, the worst in 50 years, which is currently affecting the lives of over 200,000 people. The area, which is staggeringly the size of both France and Germany put together, has been partly evacuated to save the residents from further calamity and even more dangers. Dangers in the form of a shortage of clean water, flood-related diseases and poisonous water snakes and hungry crocodiles. Already three people have been killed by snakes bites and countless others attacked by marauding reptiles, which like the displaced human population and countless poor animals, are often on the lookout for higher ground where they are, for the time being at least, safe from the floods. As a result the Australian authorities have issued warnings to the marooned victims not to enter the water – which because of the battle that help organizations and rescue services are having reaching them is almost impossible.

Go here to see an interactive map and an image gallery of the flooding in Queensland

Luckily for us the situation in our part of the world is less dramatic. But for those unfortunate souls who are, or soon will be, affected help is at hand. We have the know-how, the experience and the equipment to provide them with everything they need to dry out their buildings and restore their cellars and houses to their previous state. We may not know all that much about Australian wildlife, but we do know a lot about building dryers and water damage restoration.

And Rolf Harris. Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport, Tie Me Kangaroo Down…

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