Enjoy your heated patio in late summer/autumn – in a candle-lit atmosphere!

Only one thing affects a snug evening on a patio pleasantly heated by an infrared radiant heater: the often disruptive bright red light from the heater. With our infrared radiant heaters IR 2010 and IR 2050 you can regain this cosiness because they reduce the bright red light by up to 80 %. So that you can enjoy your patio in a candle-lit atmosphere! The best thing: both heaters are completely weatherproof – so they can be used anywhere around the house or the garden without a roof.

The infrared radiant heaters IR 2010 and IR 2050 reduce the light radiation by using high-quality, low glare shortwave infrared tubes, which creates a pleasant and discreet light all around. And with the same 100% heat intensity!

With this you can achieve a previously unknown level of homely warmth with a candlelight atmosphere in the open air, both in private households and in restaurants.

The benefits for you at a glance – the radiant heaters IR 2010 and IR 2050

  • can be positioned precisely and effectively facing towards tables in restaurants thanks to the 90° adjustable tilt angle.
  • are constructed according to protection class IP65 and therefore protected against jets of water and dust on all sides and are suitable for use inside and outside.
  • heats your immediate surroundings quickly and efficiently without preheating.
  • produces clean and condensate-free, odourless and silent heat, which is distributed evenly and in a targeted manner without stirring up dust – for the allergy sufferers.
  • impresses anywhere where heat is needed quickly. Thanks to their robust construction and accomplished aluminium design, they are ideal for use in the bathroom, wellness area, underground leisure room, conservatory, under sunshades or awnings, on the uncovered patio, in food service, in tents and halls.

Infrared radiant heaters from the IR series – with 3 heat settings and an infrared remote control

Both infrared radiant heaters have an impressive heat output of 2,000 Watts each. The IR 2050 has 3 heat settings which can be switched between – also with the convenient IR remote control – at levels of 750 watts, 1,500 watts and 2,000 watts, with which is can heat a wide area. The infrared radiant heater can be easily switched on and off using the remote control if it is installed on the ceiling or in hard-to-reach areas.

By the way, as the days gradually get cooler, the demand for our innovative infrared heaters of the IR series will increase – therefore it is best to order today at our current special offer price:

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