Endoscopy: Scientists develop a disposable micro-camera

A Micro-Camera of not even one millimetre in size – this may sound like the latest James Bond movie rather than a real-life invention. Intelligence services, secret agents, espionage – this is what pops into my mind when reading about such a scientific breakthrough. Just imagine what agent 007 could do with such a camera? Or the CIA?

The truth is that such sci-fi fantasies could become true in a not too distant future: German scientists have now developed a prototype which could soon become the new standard in optical inspection.

a worker with an endoscope

The camera was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration, in collaboration with Awaiba GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering. With minimal dimensions of only 0,7 x 0,7 x 1 mm, it still provides you with precise and pin sharp pictures: 25,000 pixel guarantee highest quality standards, which even make it fit for medical purposes. Also, an innovative manufacturing process allows the cameras to be produced many times more productive and thereby, of course, also a lot more affordable.

It could thereby be possible to produce endoscopes of impressive quality for such a low price, that they can directly be disposed of after use; the costly and time-consuming cleaning process in the aftermath then becomes obsolete. Disposable endoscopes – one day part of the basic equipment in any ER, lying right next to disposable syringes and disposable gloves?

For now, such high-tech endoscopes are still a pie in the sky. But Trotec already offers a wide selection of real-life – and no less impressive – measuring instruments for optical inspection.

As far as leak detection, piping examination and structural diagnostics are concerned, the expectations users have of a camera are slightly different anyway. A robust, long-lived workmanship is of higher importance here. For an endoscope, ease of operation and a flexible adaption to changing fields of application are more important than micro-dimensions and throw-away benefits.
Come and see for yourself: The Trotec Product Catalog displays the current state of the art in optical inspection:

We offer a broad range of endoscopes and videoscopes: for the amateur and the professional user alike, for the mechanic as well as for the building expert. Just take a peek: We have something for every need.

For we have the license to inspect. To optically inspect.

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