Elegance meets efficiency: The new Trotec aircoolers PAE 51 B and PAE 11 B in stylish design

As temperatures rise, many people long for an effective yet stylish solution to keep their living spaces comfortably cool. The new aircooler models PAE 51 B and PAE 11 B from Trotec perfectly fulfill these desires. Not only powerful and efficient, but also featuring an elegant black design, these aircoolers offer a perfect combination of function and style. Transform your home or office into a cool, comfortable environment where you can fully enjoy the summer.

The PAE 51 B – Power meets large capacity

The PAE 51 B is particularly suitable for larger rooms, impressing with an impressive air output of up to 661 m³/h. Its large water tank capacity of 20 liters enables long-lasting cooling, even on particularly hot days. With its four operating modes – air cooling, fan, night mode, and natural mode – it offers flexible adjustment to different needs and situations.

Aircooler, air cooler, humidifier, fan cooler PAE 51 B

Aircooler PAE 51 B, Natural evaporative cooling for hot summer days

€299.99 MSRP
Incl. statutory VAT

The PAE 11 B – compact and efficient

The PAE 11 B is ideal for smaller rooms and stands out with its compact design. Despite its smaller size, it delivers a remarkable air output of up to 330 m³/h. The 5.5-liter water tank capacity ensures effective cooling and pleasant humidity, even when space is limited. Lightweight, mobile, and user-friendly – the PAE 11 B is the perfect companion for hot days.

Aircooler, air cooler, humidifier, fan cooler PAE 11 B

Aircooler PAE 11 B, The year-round 3-in-1 solution: air cooler, fan and humidifier in one device

€129.99 MSRP
Incl. statutory VAT

User-friendliness and mobility

Both models are characterized by easy operation and practical wheels. This allows you to effortlessly move the devices from one room to another. Additionally, the aircoolers are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, so you can stay cool without unnecessarily impacting the environment.

Our Tip: On extremely hot days, the cooling performance can be further enhanced by adding ice cubes.

With the new black editions of the models PAE 51 B and PAE 11 B, Trotec offers an attractive solution for those who do not want to sacrifice style and comfort even in summer. Check out these innovative aircoolers and find the model that perfectly suits your home – for a cool, pleasant summer.

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