Professional air conditioning for tents and large indoor spaces – TKL has the solution


Regardless whether at a private party in a marquee or a business event in a large indoor space: when the temperature is too high, nobody feels all that comfortable with pearls of sweat on their brow or when wearing a sweaty shirt. The professional mobile air conditioning devices from Trotec provide quick cooling – and when you only need them temporarily, renting with the TKL, the Trotec Rental Division, provides a particularly cost-effective solution.

Temperatures that are too high or too low in a marquee or fair hall can have a considerable affect on the mood, which is why you should take precautions ahead of time. If you only need temporary help, you will be perfectly catered for with TKL, part of the Trotec corporate group. With TKL, you can rent almost all Trotec products from the areas air conditioning, heating, air treatment and ventilation.

TKL offers air conditioning and heating devices for the best prices

For example, commercial air conditioning devices to provide an optimum temperature in marquees or large indoor spaces. If required, particularly for large projects and complex installations, TKL’s expert advisors will analyse your individual requirements on site, determine your specific device requirements and develop a tailor-made project solution. Of course, the air conditioning units will be installed outside of the room used so that the event isn’t disturbed by the noise generated. On top of that, the conditioned air is distributed using an optimised distribution system that avoids creating any annoying air flows, meaning your guests won’t end up freezing sitting in a draught.

The same offer applies to the mobile heating solutions, because the high temperatures won’t stay with us forever. The TKL expert advisors are also available for this if required. Of course, alongside the service offer including site viewing, device assembly and disassembly, maintenance and monitoring, TKL also offers product rentals without these services. Simply as customer collection or with a delivery and return service directly to the place of use, entirely to your wishes and always at unbeatable prices.

TKL – the perfect air conditioning system for temporary requirements

The TKL rental product range includes a large proportion of the Trotec product range, above all in mobile air conditioning and heating systems. Find out more in our TKL rental centre or by calling +49 2452 962-160. We look forward to hearing from you!

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