“Safety first” has always been our motto.

Safety first with safety clothes

Stay safe with safety clothes from TROTEC: Top-quality products at rock-bottom prices

Safety is not just a word.

As an employer you have a legal obligation to ensure that the environment which your employees work in complies with legal requirements and that your employees are adequately protected against health hazards and injury.

As an employee you are obliged to adhere to the rules and regulations governing safety standards in the workplace – and it is in your own interest to do so. Accidents in the workplace are the cause of countless injuries. Accidents which can keep you off work for weeks or months. Accidents which can change your life.

Accidents in the workplace can have a number of causes. According to recent reports, about a third of all accidents which occur in the workplace are a result of slips and trips, which themselves are a result of carelessness and bad housekeeping: spillages or contaminations are not cleaned up immediately, floors are not dried properly, cables, pipes and other obstructions are left lying around.

Another third of all accidents reported to the Health & Safety Executive are a result of manual handling. This means that the persons involved overexerted themselves, consequently injuring their backs, tendons, hands or other parts of their body while lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying or moving an object or objects, or persons, from one place to another.

And the third major cause of accidents in the workplace is the lack of protective clothing:

That’s why TROTEC has designed a special range of protective clothing and accessories for use in laboratories and a sheer unimaginable number of scenarios in trade and industry.

The new product range encompasses protective overalls, respiratory masks and protective gloves – with many more products to come. This means that in future you will not only be able to buy a broad range of machines and measuring equipment in renowned TROTEC quality, but also a selection of safety products all manufactured with the aim of protecting you in the workplace while you carry out the task you wish to perform.

And you will also be pleased to hear that we have also set ourselves a target: our aim is to provide you with a wide range of high-quality, low-cost “safety first” products including robust protective overalls, easy-fitting, sensitive nitrile gloves designed especially to protect you against high risks and respiratory masks which are not only equipped with an exhalation valve and an adjustable nose clip which make them surprisingly comfortable to wear, but which also comply with the highest of safety standards.

The question now is: Are you already adequately protected?

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