The clear winner: our BM31 moisture meter!

Moisture Meter BM31

The truth is out! In a comparison of five leading moisture meters, Trotec’s BM31 was the clear winner. Such was the result of a study carried out by “”, the independent consumer portal run by the VGL publishing company. “We were particularly impressed by how easy and intuitive the device is to use.” This was the praise with which the portal summarised its rating.

Moisture meters like our BM31 are used to establish the moisture content of wood or building materials such as cement and screed. The device is often used, for example, to determine the moisture content of firewood, because firewood from the building trade is often too damp to burn. But our BM31 also does an excellent job on building sites, checking whether walls have dried out after plastering and identifying damp patches when renovating old properties. The comparison portal also stated, “In our comparison, the best moisture meter for walls was Trotec’s. It was very good at detecting trends and locating damp patches in materials.”

Why Trotec’s BM31 was the worthy winner

The main factors covered by the test were the measuring range, the penetration depth and the power supply. For example, our BM31 shows the measuring range in digits. The power voltage is also measured and expressed directly, with 0.1 volt usually equating to one digit. Most of the other devices in the moisture meter test converted the values measured into less precise percentages. Moreover, with all four of our competitors’ devices, the testers identified major criticisms. For example, “Unsuitable for walls or screed”, “Some measurements were unrealistically high”, “Major fluctuations when measuring cement” and “No automatic switch-off”. Though for this latter device, it was pointed out that, “The battery compartment lid opens easily”!

In contrast, our winning BM31 was summarised with such praise as “very stable”, with “easy-to-follow instructions” and “easy to use”, while special mention was made of the integrated automatic switch-off. The customer ratings accompanying the test were equally outstanding – we came out on top there, too, scoring the maximum five points.

Trust the independent consumer portal …

Choose the winner of the test, and order the new BM31 Moisture Meter not for £ 48.60 but for just £ 71.05 incl. VAT– in our Trotec shop now!

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