New BP2F food thermometer – the ideal combination device for professionals

food thermometer

The BP2F is our new and reliable professional solution that combines two temperature monitors for food in just one device. First, it enables fast, contact-free surface measurements using infrared. Secondly, a stainless steel insertion thermometer enables the measurement of core temperatures. This is the perfect device for the high requirements faced by production and transportation companies, retailers, inspectors and the gastronomy sector as a whole.

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Adviser: “Bad air causes sickness” – hidden mildew


Having mildew as an uninvited tenant is something that all house and flat owners would like to avoid. However, according to studies, around 17 per cent of Germans, around one in six, live in a home that is affected by mildew. Many people affected by this have no idea that the sneaky menace is present in their homes because it often forms without making itself known. This means all too often that the search for mildew only begins once health problems have already arisen.

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NEW Wall socket thermostat BN30 – ready for delivery!


It’s finally here: the new BN30 wall socket thermostat! With this clever device, auxiliary heaters such as the infrared heating panels from the Trotec TIH series are just as easy to switch on and off as the ventilation control in a greenhouse, the pump control of old heaters or the temperature control in storerooms. Almost anything that has to do with temperature regulation can now be controlled with ease using the BN30.

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Trotec wishes you a Happy New Year


NEW TIH 500 S and 700 S Infrared heating panels – now in the 4 piece discount package!


Infrared heating panels are up until now, a popular professional solution to equip rooms without heating with an effective heating source, or as selective, auxiliary heating in living spaces. The heating panels are even better suited for use in gastronomy, for heating workplaces and quickly drying wall surfaces at construction or renovation sites. The practical heating panels now come in a super value 4 piece discount package.

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The NEW TTK 68 E dehumidifier – finally available!


Right in time for the holidays, after being sold out it’s now back on our shelves: the TTK 68 E dehumidifier. And it is almost certainly only a short stopover on the way out into the world. Everything that it needs comes included: An outstanding appearance in a classy tailored shell, and beneath it’s equipped with the finest, innovative dehumidifier technology.

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NEW IDS 30 F indirect oil fired heater – specifically for tents!


The equally robust and easily constructed oil fired heater of the IDS series has everything that is necessary for economic and immediate heating. Thanks to their solid and ingeniously simple construction, all units guarantee high reliability and minimal maintenance at the same time. The new indirect oil fired heater is also equipped with the proven functions of the series, at the same time however, the unit was further developed specifically for mobile use as a tent heater.

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Trotec wishes you a Merry Christmas


NEW B 25 E design humidifier – finally available!


Right in time for Christmas, give a treat to your loved one or yourself, or simply start the new year in even more comfort – our new B 25 E humidifier is available now! Everything about this device is simply stylish – starting with the design, through advanced technology, to the sensational deal with a saving of over 33 %. Read More

Adviser: “Bad air leads to sickness” – Odours and stenches


Unpleasant odour sources can make the room air unbearable for many people. The ashtray is the best example: its smell spreads an intense stench of stale smoke. Sometimes such odours even evoke fears of pollution. Even when odours are perceived by the body as signals of a threat, they can cause anxiety, fear or aggression. And precisely because they seriously endanger health. Read More