MCE 2016 in Milan – Trotec is flying a flag at the HVAC trade fair


It’s that time again: every two years the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE), the international exhibition for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology, takes place in Milan. Around 2,000 exhibitors from 59 countries show their solutions at this highlight of the sector. Trotec is also presenting some of its innovations: from Qube, through the industrial VSC series videoscopes to humidifiers from the Value Protection Range – and that is by no means all! Read More

New BD26 distance meter – finally available!


“Super precise and super easy to handle!” is the – highly valued – verdict of those architects and planners who were already able to get their hands on our new laser distance meter over the past few weeks and test them on a trial basis. The compact measuring device is now finally available and will also ensure a huge reduction in work load for the construction experts who order the BD26 with 90° tilt sensor for laser distance measurements now.

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NEW IDS F indirect oil-fired heater for tents – now available for delivery!


These robust heaters, eagerly awaited by one or two of our customers, are now ready for delivery. This is because the IDS 30 F tent heater has been further developed from the IDS series especially for mobile application and will start serving its purpose in the coming days in Germany and across Europe – as the ideal mobile solution for emergency and rescue services and local support organisations.

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Climate chamber for spare parts


Spare parts and accessories are an important commodity in any business. But things that are safely stored in a warehouse over the warm and dry months are at risk of serious damage in cold and damp conditions. Rust, mildew and mould spots are just a few of the dangers threatening your accessories. Protect your goods and turn your warehouse into a climate chamber in the autumn. With an adsorption dryer from the TTR series from Trotec, you can turn your spare parts warehouse into the ideal place to spend the winter, in a heartbeat! Ensuring your tools and spare parts are always in the best possible condition.

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NEW Voltage detector BE14 – ideal for current quick-tests


You just want to quickly connect a new lamp and it happens: you get ‘shocked’ because the wire is still live. And such an ‘avoidable error’ can be easily prevented – with the new voltage detector BE14, a no-contact phase tester so you are always on the safe side. And you are safe with our current offer

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It all comes down to spices


Spice mixtures and dried substances generally constitute the seasoning in important foodstuffs such as sausage, soups and meat. When manufacturing these mixtures, it is very important that the aroma of the individual ingredients and consistency are retained. It is also extremely important when producing nutritional supplements that the powdered materials do not clump and retain their effect. In such production facilities it is therefore essential for the ingredients and materials to be protected, especially against high levels of humidity. Using the professional dehumidifier from the DH series from Trotec guarantees the best production and storage conditions.

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Continuous heating. Satisfied customers!


Tasks relating to heating systems are manifold: Radiators must be renewed, pipes rinsed or renovated.  Or a complete, old heating system is even replaced by an eco-friendly system. In order to keep your customers out of the cold during this kind of work, you must make sure of one thing first: a replacement heater. You can find these in the selection of mobile heaters from Trotec. From electric heaters for single rooms to large oil central heating systems for air conditioning production and storage facilities, the best solutions are available to you. Your customers will be more than satisfied:

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NEW Energy cost meter BX09 – now available!


It’s finally here! Your new energy cost meter is already packaged and on the way to your home! And “Nooo!” – “Yes!” – “Ohhh!,” are the kind of comments à la Peter Sellers that you will  probably soon be making more often as soon as you have uncovered your first energy wasters. What? You don’t know what we’re talking about? What? You haven’t ordered anything? Well, don’t you want to know which of your household appliances is the biggest power guzzler?

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NEW current clamp BE38 – finally available!


The time has come: our new current clamp BE38 is available for delivery today. Especially electricians have appreciated our offer and have been busy ordering the device. What is more, the BE38 makes the job of in-house technicians and even the ambitious do-it-yourselfer so much easier: It can be used to even measure alternating current without breaking the circuit.

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NEU BT40 Grill thermometer – now available!


It’s finally here! It’s finally done! Finally, a perfect tasty treat! Steaks grilled to perfection, tender roasted shoulder of lamb, delectable braised roast beef – with our new, now available BT40 grill thermometer, almost every dish succeeds with fantastic ease. Because the grill thermometer knows everything about the various cooking settings, which can even be preselected. And, best of all: Our current DEAL runs until the end of February – basically until the start of the outdoor grilling season!

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