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The distraught owners of a three-bedroom detached house who were experiencing what they considered to be a very worrying problem with moisture and water droplets on the brickwork around the entrance of their house and in the cellar below contacted our company in the hope that we could find a solution to their problem.

Moisture is indeed a real problem in homes and houses. Excess moisture, be it in the air or in the walls or in the brickwork of a house, provides the ideal breeding ground for mould, fungi and dry rot which cannot only seriously affect and harm the occupants’ health but also damage parts of the building or even endanger the whole structure.

For technical reasons the VDL engineers who were assigned to this particular case could not shut off the boiler separately, which meant that they could not measure the pressure in the cold and hot water systems individually. Instead they decided to measure the pressure in both systems simultaneously, where they were able to detect a significant pressure loss.

Our engineers then used a T2000 moisture meter to determine the exact extent of the damage and to establish where the excess moisture that was quite obviously the root of the problem had spread to. The highest moisture readings that our engineers obtained were at a spot about 1m up from the floor very close to a wall casing that concealed some other pipes.

It was discovered that the pipes behind the casing were rising pipes that had already been fitted in preparation for a pending loft conversion. In addition, the circulation pipe had been connected to the hot-water pipe. The high moisture levels close to the casing were a clear indication that this was where the leak must be. Further non-destructive moisture measurements were carried out to pin-point the exact spot. A tile was then removed to reveal a leak on a fitting. Our engineers were able to recommend an authorized and respectable fitter to repair what had been a botched up job.

The situation described above once again goes to show how efficient and cost-effective non-destructive inspections can be. By being able to locate the leak using one of our highly accurate moisture meters, our engineers were able to spare the owners the often frustrating and costly experience of having to rely on a tradesman – one who is hopefully honest and reliable enough – to find the leak so that it could be properly, and promptly fixed.

In addition our engineers are also eager, if possible, to provide our customers with an extra service by recommending any small local businesses whose work they have been especially satisfied with in the course of our business activities, so that you the customer can continue to rely on a high standard of personalised service.

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