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Installing the air conditioning the right way

We may not have had our fair share of sunshine and hot weather this summer, but in the words of the great Rocky Balboa “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over” so who knows we may be in for a scorcher yet. But what normally happens in many offices and workplaces across the country is that when the mercury starts to rise those who are first into the office – or happen to be nearest to the controls – set the temperature of the air conditioning so that it feels more like Siberia than Streatham Common.

Air conditioners should be a blessing and not a bane. They are designed to keep temperatures at a constantly lusciously cool level so that when the sun is beating down outside and one half of the continent closes shop and takes a siesta, the other half can soldier on and finish the task at hand.

When air conditioners are set to the right setting, they not only create a comfortable and healthy climate they also allow those working in the office or workplace to focus on what they are doing. This in turn leads to an increase in productivity and an overall sense of well-being. If, however, the air is distributed unevenly and directed towards individual workplaces, then there is a danger that draughts will negatively affect the workers causing not only discomfort but also real health problems and people with sore throats and cold symptoms calling in sick for work.

That’s why air conditioners should be set to the right temperature and why it should be ensured that individual desks or workplaces are not subjected to a steady stream of cold air, as this will inevitably result in not only the complaints mentioned above but also others like neck ache, backache or conjunctivitis.

So what can companies, councils and employers do to remedy the situation and determine if workplaces are properly aligned when air conditioners are already installed and running?

Well, if you live in Germany you can consider yourself fortunate! That’s because one arm of our company, VDL, specialises in determining how and where air currents, for example, spread out through rooms or buildings and what measures can be taken to improve a situation as the one described above. In such a scenario, our measuring technicians would use non-toxic trace gas to illustrate clearly and transparently where the air movements are. This would involve feeding white smoke from a fog machine into the air conditioning system which would then clearly show where your desk or work station should be and where it should not.

When such tests are carried out in big office buildings or production facilities, then it not only makes life more bearable for the workforce and increases morale, it also helps reduce sickness absence levels.

If you have any questions in and around air conditioners, contact our team of experts or visit our website to see what else we have to offer.

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