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ID 500 oil heating unitSpecial circumstances require special solutions. This is also the case in winter when large halls or workshops need to be heated – and the last thing you need is an array of piddly little heaters which somehow succeed in constantly getting in your way or which you are forever falling over. But help is at hand – with the mobile yet powerful oil heaters and heating units from Trotec.

The ID-heating units from Trotec are designed to stand up to the rigours that come from being used in frequently-changing locations and excel with a high heating performance of 161 kW, high levels of safety and user friendliness and an extremely robust housing. And because the ID-heaters are indirectly-fired heaters the warm air produced by them is free of harmful gases and pollutants and therefore ideal for indoor use too.

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The IDS-oil heating units from Trotec provide you with just the right compact and economic solutions for heating storerooms and warehouses, construction sites, greenhouses or cowsheds. These robust yet simply-constructed heaters are standard-equipped with all the safety features and functions you need to start your own individual heating operation. The heating units in the IDS-Series are also indirectly-fired heaters and because they operate without emitting fumes and other pollutants they are therefore similarly suited for indoor use.

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Are you looking for  some extremely powerful, mobile heating solutions for your large-scale projects? Then look no further: ID oil heating units pack a powerful punch with 385kW of heating performance and an air flow rate of 25,000 m³/h making them ideal for simply any large-scale heating scenario regardless of the size.

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