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The Trotec IDS-900 oil heating unit is the most powerful appliance in its series. The device is suited best to heat large halls or a different number of rooms!

For a higher level of efficiency the IDS-900 oil heating units are equipped with a streaming-optimised stainless steel furnace chamber. Benefit from an epoxide-coated steel frame with a double-walled housing for optimal noise reduction as well as soundproofing and a compact and robust design. The warm air transport is provided by an especially powerful axial fan. You can even reach a very high efficiency while connecting more than one air transport hose.

IDS-900 oil heating units are also equipped with an electronic flame safeguard, a thermostat-controlled automatic ventilation, an oil filter and many more smart feature to make the use of this device as userfriendly and easy as possible.

So let’s have a look at some technical data of the IDS-900 oil heating units:
One appliance has a heating capacity of 221 kW, an high air flow rate of 12.500 m3/h and an input voltage of 230 V.

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